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Psychology 1010

Kathie F. Nunley

Here is a sample unit I used in a Psychology 1010 class which met one night a week. The students received credit for coming to class, but also got to choose from a variety of assignments for the rest of the unit grade. If they missed a class, besides being responsible for getting the lecture notes, they would have to make up the points through additional assignments. Some of these were done in class, others at home, depending on the student's schedule and preference. We had a 100 point exam at the end of the unit, so these units counted toward 1/3 of their grade.

Unit one. Due ______Name______________________

50 points possible.

Labs need Question, hypothesis, procedure, data and conclusion.

1. Is there a relationship between shoe size and g.p.a.? Use 25 subjects. 15 pts.

2. Video: The human brain.(Write 10 interesting things) sign roll at the end. 10 pts.

3. What is the average (X) STM? Use 20 subjects? 15 pts.

4. What does the current research say about Alzheimer's? (Summarize 3 pieces of research, write a paragraph summary of each. List Title, publication, date, author). 15 pts.

5. Research new and old technology in brain imaging. Include CAT, PET, EEG, MEG. Write a good paragraph on each. 10 pts.

6. Group discussion: Is there as much prejudice today as when Martin Luther King made his famous I had a Dream speech? What has changed? What has stayed the same? Discuss this topic within a group of 3 - 5 for approximately 20 minutes. Have a facilitator to keep the discussion moving, a recorder to jot down key points and ideas, and a writer to write a final summary (approx. one page). Write down the names of the people in your group and their role. 15 points.

7. Listen to Lecture and take notes (sign up by 7:00 pm to get credit). 5 points/ night

Date______ Date _______ Date_________


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