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20th Century II: 1945-1950

Dan Gordon

Salem-Keizer Public Schools

McKay High School

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Welcome to our new Layered Curriculum unit. This will take us from the end of WWII to the beginning of the decade of the 1950's. Again, you will have your choice of tasks from the "C", "B", and "A" levels. It is not necessary to have completed your "C" level tasks before you begin to work on your "B" or "A" tasks, but you can not get higher than a C grade without completing the "C" level. Due dates are posted on the board, and you will be given the scoring rubrics for the tasks. If you wish to substitute a task that you create, you may do so as long as it is cleared with Mr. Gordon prior to you beginning the task.

"C" Level Tasks. Choose any 4 of the following:

Take notes on Mr. Gordon's mini lectures. Organize (preferably type) those notes and turn them in. The oral exam will be from 5 to 10 questions. (20 pts ______/______)

1 Read the first 3 sections of Chapter 26 in the World History: Continuity and Change text

book. Complete the "Identify" questions in each section review. (20 pts ______/______)

1 Watch the movie, Judgement at Nuremberg. Write a two page typed paper on the trials that

took place there. Include a paragraph on the treatment of those trials by the movie and a

paragraph on whose performance you found to be the most effective.(20 pts______/______)

1 Study Winston Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech. Prepare a 3 minute rebuttal to be given to the United Nations General Assembly by the Soviet Ambassador. This will meet the state CIM requirement and will judged using CIM scoring guides. This task provides one of your opportunities to meet this benchmark. (20 pts______/______)

1 "George Marshall's plan to rebuild Europe after WWII was a direct result of the failure of both the Treaty of Versailles and United States foreign policy following WWI." Assess the validity of this statement. Write an essay on this prompt. It is to fit the format that will meet the state standards for the CIM requirement. State scoring guides will be used to correct it. This task provides one of the opportunities to meet this benchmark.

(20 pts ______/_______)

1 Find 4 Norman Rockwell paintings or magazine covers that portray life in the U.S. between 1946 and 1950. Accompany each with a brief explanation of what Rockwell was trying to say about post war life in the U.S. (20 pts ______/_______)

1 Provide two wall maps (3 feet by 4 feet) that show the Middle East prior to and after the

creation of Israel. Accompany this with a brief (one page typed) explanation of why the United Nations believed this creation of a Jewish state was a viable alternative and why it instead created problems. (20 pts ______/_______)

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