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Please help with our"Whoville Project" - Springs Alive School in Sebbi-Lugi Village, Uganda.
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Springs Alive is a small, rural school outside Kakiri, Uganda (16 km from the capital of Kampala). School is not free in Uganda, so children from very impoverished families cannot attend. Springs Alive school, started by director, Martin Sebuliba, is a village-run school, staffed by volunteers to provide a free education to the village's poorest children.

We recently visited the Springs Alive school in Uganda and brought them 200 pounds of teaching and learning materials. The children and staff were very welcoming and the children put on a celebration pageant featuring their own music, singing and dancing.

In addition to bringing materials to the school, I was able to spend the day working with the teachers on lesson ideas and to brainstorm ways we could improve and continue to help the school.

UPDATE May 2013: Last year, Layered Curriculum teachers and schools donated enough money to help the school make repairs to the school building wall and construct a new latrine, so that they could open again for this school year! (see before / after photos right). This year, the director tells us they continue to need money to help pay for teachers, build additional benches and desks and feed the children.

Will you help them? Start by watching the video, then click the link below for the "plan."

View the documentary

$30 - feeds all the children in the school. If you can't feed them all year, can you feed them one day?
$100 - provides a teacher for one month. If you can't provide for a teacher all year, can you provide a month?

Click here to read our PLAN for helping the Springs Alive School and see how YOU can help.
The school currently serves 150 children from the village. Many are orphans, living in "child-headed households", something we are quite unaccustomed to here in the United States. These are families of children whose parents have died from disease and now the oldest child (some as young as 8) are left to tend to their younger siblings. Food, clothing and civilized shelter are scarce.

Listen to my explanation of the school and our project on our YouTube Channel


The teachers are volunteers as the school runs on limited / no funding. The school itself sits on the land behind the house of the director and was built with money sent from a school in Wales and a school in the UK who fund-raised for their building. It has no water, no electricity and dirt floors.


Replace the OLD LATRINE(designed for a home):

With a New Latrine (for the school)


Teacher Training Session while the students peer in from outside

The school building

Grade 2 Classroom w/ handmade benches & dirt floor

The students welcome us to their school


Presenting suitcases full of supplies


Typical Village Home


A sibling enjoys our celebration day

Can you help?


The teachers at the school are not trained teachers so are themselves undereducated, their knowledge of English varies widely and the dependability of them coming each day is fragile.

We are currently trying to establish a "learning center" where students can attend as often as possible, and take part in a student-centered instructional setting where they can work through various independent lessons. The lessons would include quizzes to determines competency and the students could independently work their way through each grade. This allows the children to learn despite irregular attendance and independent of teacher knowledge-base and stability.

In addition, we need schools / classes / communities here in North America to help by sponsoring one of their most needed projects:

TEACHERS: Trained, certified teachers earn a salary of $100.00 (USD) per month. There are 3 months in each term.

FOOD: The school would like to feed the children a warm bowl of porridge each day. Right now there are no funds for that. It costs 30 cents (US) per day to feed a child.

Add 30cents to any order at our bookshop and buy one lunch for a child at Springs Alive Village School in Uganda

Improved sanitation: The school is also in deparate need of a pit latrine for student use. Cost to build is $1500.00 (USD).

Please consider sponsoring a project:

$30 - feeds all the children in the school. If you can't feed them all year, can you feed them one day buive Village School in Uganda

$100 - provides a teacher for one month. If you can't provide for a teacher all year, can you provide a month? and buy one lunch for a child at Springs Alive Village School in

Email Kathie @ for information on how you can donate.

$1500 - provides a latrine for the school. Email me if you are interested in this project. me if you are interested in this project. @brains.or


Proud of her report card

Can you Help Us with One of these Activities?

Read our plan for Helping Springs Alive School

If you can help, please send me an Emaill (kathie@brainsorg) with the Subject Line "Uganda" and let me know what you can do.

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