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20th Century II: The 1940's - The War

Dan Gordon, Salem Keizer Public Schools

McKay High School

Salem, Oregon

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You are now embarking upon the second part of our review of WWII. This Layered Curriculum unit will deal with both the European and Pacific Theaters. As always, you will have choices from "C" level, "B" level, and "A" level tasks. Your grade will be dependant upon the number of tasks completed, the quality of the finished product, and your performance on the oral defense. Remember, the majority of points are found in the "C" level tasks. For you to receive above a C grade, those tasks must be completed. Simply doing a couple of "C" level tasks along with the "A" and "B" levels will not accomplish that. Learn the information contained within the tasks. Half your points comes from your oral defense of those tasks.

Layer 1: C Level

Choose any 4 of the following tasks:

Take notes on Mr. Gordon's mini lectures. Organize them in a typed outline format.

(20 pts_______/_______)

1 Take notes on the documentary "The 40's". Organize and type up the notes. Include a paragraph that outlines what you learned. (20 pts ______/_______)

1 Read Chapter 25 of World History: Continuity and Change. Complete the 17 review questions at the end of the chapter. (Page 711) (20 pts ______/________)

1 With parental consent (5 extra points to view with a parent), watch Schindler's List. Write a letter to Oskar Schindler from the viewpoint of a child who lost both parents to the Holocaust. This may be written in the language of your choice. (20 pts _______/_______)

1 Create 10 Flash Cards that use U.S. WWII Generals and Admirals as their subjects. Limit the information to their service in WWII, including major battles and campaigns. On the front of the card, provide both the name and a photograph. (20 pts ______/_______)

1 Provide a picture and a brief description of the capabilities of each of the following aircraft:B-29 Superfortress, Spitfire, P-38, B-17, Zero Fighter, Stuka, Messerschmitt, and P-51.

20 pts ______/_______)

1 Watch the movie The Tuskegee Airmen. Write a one page typed paper that describes the

obstacles the African-American servicemen, particularly these aviators, had to over come to defend their country. Use specific scenes from the movie to prove your points.

(20 pts ______/______)

1 Create a "side by side" chronology of WWII. Have the European Theatre on the left and the Pacific Theatre on the right. You need at least 10 events on each side.

(20 pts _______/______)

1 Find the Johnny Cash song, The Ballad of Ira Hayes. Listen to the song and then research the life of Ira Hayes. Write a two page typed paper on the Battle of Iwo Jima and the role played by Ira Hayes. (20 pts ______/_______)

Layer 2: B Level

Choose 1 of the following tasks:

1 Create a diorama of the D-Day invasion at Normandy. Accompany this with

a two page typed paper that describes this operation. (30 points ________)

1 Build a model of one of the WWII bombers. Accompany the model with a

one page typed paper describing not only the bomber but how and where it was used during WWII. (30 points ________)

1 Build a model of a WWII aircraft carrier. Accompany the model with a one

page typed paper describing the carrier and its impact on naval warfare in the Pacific. (30 points ________)

1 Create a pictorial essay of the effects of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

and Nagasaki compared to the effects of the incendiary bombing of Dresden.

(30 points ________)

Layer 3: A Level

Choose 1 of the following tasks:

1: Watch the movies Tora Tora Tora and Pearl Harbor. Research the attack

on this naval base and write a movie review from a historical standpoint

that compares and contrasts the treatment of history by these movies. You

must be very clear about the criteria you use to judge the films.

(30 points _______)

1 Read any biography of an American WWII hero. Write a 3 page typed

report on that person. Include a paragraph on the biographer, and a paragraph on your thoughts on the book. (30 points________)

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