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20th Century II: 1940s - The Home Front

Dan Gordon, Salem Keizer Public Schools

McKay H.S.

Salem, OR

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We are going to review WWII, and we will do so with two units of study. Part 1 is the home front. You will have multiple tasks to choose from in this Layered Curriculum unit. You will have the opportunity to earn a "C", "B", or "A" on this unit, depending upon the number of tasks completed, the layers from which they were chosen, and both the quality of the product and your ability to fulfill the oral exams. In the "C" level you will find the most tasks and the most points. It must be completed to receive a grade beyond a "C". You can chose to do an "A" level or "B" level task, but without the "C" level points you will be unable to achieve even a "C" grade. Remember, half the points will come from completion of the task, and the other half will come from your oral defense.Layer 1: C Level

Choose 4 of the following tasks:

Draw a Venn Diagram for the Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles and the race riots in Detroit

that took place during WWII. Provide a one page typed paper that summarizes your findings on the similarities and differences of the riots. 20pts______/______

1 Write an "autobiography" that includes: name, age, parents occupations, hobbies, school

activities, favorite food, favorite restaurant, favorite movie, favorite musician, two conflicts in your life, your opinion on rationing, and where you see yourself in 5 years. The year in 1942, and you are living in Salem, Oregon. 20pts______/_______

1 Draw a poster of "Rosie The Riveter". Compile a one page typed paper that describes the

move of women from the home to the work force. 20pts______/_______

1 Create a collage of 40's fashions. Provide a key for each picture and a brief description of

the fashion or fad that includes some background on the group(s) who wore these styles.


1 Watch the movie, "A League of Their Own", then research the All American Girls Profes-

sional Baseball League. Provide a two page typed paper that compares the movie's handling of this subject with the facts. Also address the accuracy of the depiction of the home front.


1 Research the rationing that went on during WWII. Write a two page typed paper that

covers the items, products and materials that were rationed. Explain the process that was used to implement the rationing and whether or not it was considered effective. Five extra points will be given to anyone who brings in a rationing ticket, or who provides a first person interview report on a relative or acquaintance who remembers rationing.


1 Research Executive Order 9066, and the Supreme Court case (Koramatsu v United States)

that came about due to the execution of said order. Write a two page typed paper that deals with internment of the Japanese Americans and your feelings about this.


1 Watch the movie "Swing Shift". Write a one page typed review of the movie from the per-

pective of a woman who worked on a production line during WWII and took her grandkids to watch this movie. 20pts______/_______

Layer 2: B Level

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