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Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Salem, Oregon

20th Century U.S. History

1911 – 1920



In the study of this decade you will be asked to do multiple assignments that will fit the six main topics (science and technology, politics, foreign policy, culture, economics, and women and minorities) that you have identified as your areas of interest. You must finish each section before beginning the following section. All work must be completed for section 1 by Thanksgiving. You will move to section 2 when we return from the break. Half the points for each task will be awarded for an oral defense of your chosen assignment, the other half will be awarded for the written assignment.

SECTION 1: Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 140 points. You must have at least 130 points in order to move to section.

1.Write an autobiography that includes: name, address, age, parents occupation and hobbies, your hobbies, favorite food, favorite restaurant, what frightens you most, two conflicts in your life, and what you wish to be doing 5 years from now. Now write a second autobiography, this time you are living in 1916. (20 points)

2.Write a 3 page type written paper on the leadership of Tsar Nicholas II and the influence of Rasputin. ( 20 points)

3.Write a 3 page type written paper on the conditions of labor during this decade. Include the contributions of "Mother" Jones, "Big Bill" Haywood, Eugene Debs, and John L.Lewis ( 20 points)

4.Watch the movie, Titanic, then write a 1 page typewritten report on the ship itself. Then imagine your-self as a survivor, floating away in a lifeboat as hundreds of others drown. Write a letter to your mother explaining your feelings. The letter may be written in any language.20 points

5. Watch the movie, Birth of a Nation, then write a review from our social perspective of race relations, the KKK, and other pertinent events. Must be type written.( 20 points )

6.Watch the movie, Eight Men Out.. Argue whether or not Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Be specific about what criteria you use to make your judgement. This should be in an essay format and include a clearly stated thesis. 20 points

7.Make a detailed drawing of a Mark V (male)WWI tank. Label all the elements, including machine gun, cannon, driver, continuous track, ammunition, engine and transmission, gunner, loader,commander, andfrontal armor.( 20 points)

8.Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were two of the formost thinkers in the field of psychology. Make a Venn diagram that illustrates their theories. Write a conclusion to what you find. 20 points )

9.Research George M. Cohan and his music. Present this research in a two page typewritten paper. Find at least four of his songs (must include "Over There") and play them for the class. Have the lyrics for "OverThere" and after giving its background, lead the class in singing the song.( 20 points)

10.Complete and define a list of at least 20 words or phrases that became popular during this decade. 20 points

11. You are a soldier on the western front in WWI. Write two entries to your diary, one from your first day on the lines, one after 6 months in the trenches. These entries must reflect the experiences of the soldier in the trences during this war. 20 points

12.You are a suffragette. Write a speech to give before a rally that includes the President. 20 points


SECTION 2: Choose only one of these topics. There is a maximum of 30 points available. Completion of this section of the assignment will give you a B grade for this section of the class. You must complete this section before moving on to section 3.

Create a "who's who" for this decade. You must have a minimum of thirty names. You must have at least 4 people from each of the areas of study that we have identified. Each name should be followed by a short (1 paragraph) biography. There should also be a table of contents created that shows where each of your entries can be found, and under which area of study you have entered them.( 30 pts )

Read Erique M. Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front. Then watch any of the movies made with the same title. Write a review of the book, then a written critique that compares and contrasts the movie with the book. In your paper include a conclusion on which was more powerful.( 30 pts)

Read War Games by Michael Foreman. Find the Garth Brooks song (Belleau Wood) that deals with much the same subject. Present an oral review of the book to the class, present the Garth Brooks song, and then lead the class in singing "Silent Night".( 30 pts).

Construct a wall map of Europe in 1914 and another for 1919. Make sure that your details show the changes brought about by WWI. These maps must be at least 3 X 6 ft.( 30 pts)

This section must be turned in by December 3, 1999. Everything must be typewritten.

Section 3: Choose only one of these topics. There is a maximum of 30 points available. Completion of this section of the assignment will give you an A grade for this section of the class.

Read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Since it is an allegory for the Russian Revolution, assign the animal characters their “proper” names and actual roles played in that event. Give some historical background on each character and provide a brief, typewritten review on how well Orwell did in depicting the Bolshevik revolution in such a unique manner.

Write a six page, typewritten research paper on any one of the following artists: Nijinsky, Duncan (Isadora), Picasso, Matisse, Ravel, or Debussy. Provide visuals to show the work of your chosen subject.

Write a six page, typewritten research paper on any one of the following athletes: Jim Thorpe, Ty Cobb, or Jack Johnson. Provide charts or graphs comparing their abilities and exploits to modern athletes.

Research the mystery of “Anastasia”. Watch the Ingrid Bergman film of that name. Include in your research the claims of Anna Anderson of Charlottesville, Virginia and the findings of the scientific tests done on the mass grave site in 1989. Write a five page, type-written report on your findings and your conclusions.

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