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 5th Grade Sample Unit Sheet

Social Studies

C. Level Do any six activities

1. Read, in any textbook, about the French, Spanish and Dutch explorations (use the table of contents to find the chapter). Choose any 5 questions from the back of the chapter. 10 pts

2. Listen to the tape and follow along in "America will Be". Answer the questions at the end of the tape. 10 pts.

3. Watch the video "The Mayflower". 10 pts

4. Answer the worksheet that goes with the video. 5 pts.

5. lLsten to the teacher discuss the explorers. Fill out the organizer chart. 10 pts.

6. Trace the map of Verrazano's voyage on plain paper. Glus green yarn to show his route. Glue red yarn to show the route of any other explorer. 10 pts.

7. Using popsicle stick puppets, make a puppet show about Cartier's visit with the Iroquis. Use at least 3 characters. Perform it for 3 classmates. 10 pts.

8. Choose 4 explorers. Write 2 sentences summarizing each one. This assignment must be don in a language other than English. 10 pts.

9. Draw a mural on butcher paper. Show Aztec life before Cortes' army arrived. Explain it to 2 classmates. Display in the room. 10 pts.

10. Do any 2 of the worksheets that go with this unit. 10 pts.


B. Level Choose one only. 20 pts.

1. On page 118 of "America will Be" you will find a list of the food needed for a 3 month voyage to America. Make a list of what you would need to take 5 people in a space shuttle for a one month voyage. Make sure to describe how the food would be stored and prepared. Each person needs 2000 calories and 1/2 gallon of water per day.

2. Using a pillowcase or 1/2 of a flat sheet, design a costume that is both practical and decorative. Include patterns that tell a story of your family history. Use only plants to color the garmet.

A. Level. Choose one only 20 pts.

1. Did Columbus discover America? Explain your answer as a European and as a Native American.

2. Make a chart showing how the Native Americans benefitted from European explorers. Also show how the Europeans benefitted from the Native Americans. Decide who had the greatest benefit.

3. Write a letter to the president of the United States explaining why space exploration is a good idea (or a bad one). Mention what we hained from other types of exploration. 

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