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Study Skills-Note Taking

Adrian L. Sorrell and Helen Griffin, ESC Region 4, TexasText:

Name: Due Date:


C Layer: Maximum 65 points in this section.

1. Take notes on a note-taking lecture. 5 points

2. Use a note card to record a direct quotation from a collection of famous speeches. The top right-hand corner should contain the name of the speaker, and the top left-hand corner should contain the name of the speech. 15 points

3. Use a second note card to paraphrase the direct quotation in your own words. 15 points

4. Use a third note card to summarize the direct quotation. 15 points

5. Use Guided Notes worksheet. 15 points

6. Use teacher-created Graphic Organizers. 15 points

7. Use Self-Questioning Review worksheet. 15 points

8. Use Cornell Notes worksheet. 15 points

9. Use Power Notes worksheet. 15 points

10. Use Two-Column Notes worksheets (main idea-detail, opinion-proof, hypothesis-proof, problem-solution, and process notes). 15 points

B Layer: Choose one. Maximum 20 points in this section.

1. Use selective highlighting or underlining to identify main ideas and supporting details of an expository, narrative or technical passage

2. Listen to a local or national news report and write a summary of one featured issue or event

3. Develop your own Guided Notes

4. Develop your own Graphic Organizers.

5. Develop your own Power Notes.

6. Develop your own Two-Column Notes.

A Layer: Choose one. Maximum 20 points in this section.

1. Prepare a three-minute oral expository, narrative or technical report about your favorite subject.

2. Present your report to a peer while he/she takes notes.

3. Exchange notes with classmates and rate the accuracy and completeness of your classmates' notes.

4. What are the most important points in a good note-taking strategy?

5. Demonstrate how your favorite note-taking strategy has improved your grades.

Grade Scale: 0-40 = F

41-55 = D

56-70 = C

71-85 = B

86-100 = A

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