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Earth Science Chapter 1 Layered Assignments

 Introduction to Earth Science

Alan Dewey
Wabasso High School 


1. The student will explain and give examples of how science can be used to make informed ethical decisions by identifying likely consequences of particular actions.

2. The student will explain the development, usefulness and limitations of scientific models in the explanation and prediction of natural phenomena.

3. The student will specify variables to be changed, controlled and measured.

4. The student will use sufficient trials and adequate sample size to ensure reliable data.

5. The student will use appropriate technology and mathematics skills to access, gather, store, retrieve and organize data.

6. The student will evaluate the credibility and validity of scientific and technological information from various sources.

LAYER C- BASIC UNDERSTANDING (Choose a total of 75 pts from the assignments below. 

* indicates a required assignment.  Must be present in class to earn points for notes.)


 Day 1- Measurement- Metric Conversions, Notes

____ 1. *Play measurement game (BK-5 pts).

____ 2. *Complete measurement worksheet (LM-5 pts).     

 Day 2- Measurement- Graphing

____ 3. *Complete measurement treasure hunt (BK, LM-5 pts).

____ 4a. Complete graph worksheet (VS-5 pts).

    ____ 4b. Survey 10 members of your class about an item of your choice (ex. favorite music category, favorite food, favorite subject, etc.) and put the data collected into a colored bar graph you draw (VS, IE-10 pts). 

 Day 3- Scientific Method- Observation vs. Inference, Notes (Section 1.1)

____ 5. *Complete fossil activity (BK-5 pts).

____ 6. *Complete intro worksheet (VL-10 pts). 

 Day 4- Scientific Method- Experiment Procedure, Notes (Section 1.1)

____ 7.  *Perform airplane lab and relate it to the scientific method (BK, VS-5 pts).

    ____ 8. View the BrainPop movie and take the quiz.  Write down the correct answers (VS-5 pts.).


 Day 5- Study of Earth Science (Section 1.2)

____ 9. *Make a poster of one of the big ideas in Earth Science (VS-5 pts.) 

 Day 6- Layer C Work Day

____ 10.   Listen to lecture and take notes each day (VL).  1    2    3    4    5

____ 11.   Make vocab flashcards or crossword for all relevant terms in the unit (VL-5 pts). 

____ 12. Complete the bulge enrichment worksheet (VL, IA-5 pts).

    ____ 13.  Create a poster that illustrates the importance of following a safety rule when performing a science lab (VS-5 pts).

____ 14.  Create a tagboard poster that explains the scientific method.  Include words and drawings (VS-10 pts).

____ 15.  Write a song or a skit with 2-3 other people about the scientific method. (MU, BK, IE-10 pts).

____ 16. Complete review questions pg. 29-31 #1-9, 12-14, 24-26, 1-5 (VL, IA-10 pts).

____ 17. *Take intro quiz at end of unit (VL-10 pts).


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Days 7-8- Layer B “The Great Paper Towel Experiment.”

Day 9- Finish layers C and B, start layer A.

Day 10- All assignments due, intro quiz.


    ____ 1.  *Perform “The Great Paper Towel Experiment” and complete the write up.


Write a three paragraph paper no longer than one page to answer one question below.  The questions may require additional research.  The first paragraph should be an introductory paragraph.  The second paragraph should give facts and information about your question.  The third paragraph should give your opinion based on your research.  You should list your sources below. 

____ 1.  Should the United States completely convert to the Metric System of measurement?

    ____ 2. Write a letter to a scientist who is trying out a new drug on people without using a control group. Explain to them why this is a mistake and what they could do to correct the situation.

    ____ 3.   Your friend designed an experiment to answer a question he had.  The experiment did not support his hypothesis, so your friend felt like his experiment failed, and rejected his hypothesis.  Explain to your friend why his hypothesis might not be wrong. 

1.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


2.  Title of article:

Title of magazine, journal, or URL:


Date of article:


Total Grade:  _____ / 100  Parent/Guardian Signature:  ______________________________

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