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Neil Murphy

Cleveland Municipal Schools

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Chapter Objectives: Upon completion of the chapter, the students will be able to complete the following tasks.

1. Show how the Declaration of Independence divided the nation.

2. Examine major battles of the American Revolution.

3. State how the Europeans helped the Continental Army.

4. Express why the British shifted their focus to the Southern colonies.

5. Discuss the role of African-Americans and women in the American Revolution.

6. Analyze how the French aided the colonies and what were the terms of surrender.


Students must complete one assignment in each section. The chapter sheet will be due on Wednesday November 13, 2002. The chapter test on the American Revolution will be on Thursday November 14, 2002.

C LEVEL-All work must go into your folder. All assessments will be oral defense.

_____Attend lecture and take notes-5 points per lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6

Topics are the Declaration of Independence, Major battles, Help from Europe, War in the South, Women and

Minorities in the War, The End

_____Video-"American Revolution" Part ___-Watch video and learn 5 things from the video-5 pts. Date-

_____Video-"American Revolution" Part ___-Watch video and learn 5 things from the video-5 pts. Date-

Declaring Independence (pgs 214-219) Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 11

_____Vocabulary-your choice-10 pts.

_____Read lesson-answer questions 1-4 page 219-10 pts.

_____Illustrated Outline-10 pts.

_____Prepare a debate with one other student on the Declaration of Independence-10 pts.

_____Prepare a poster comparing the British with the Continental Army-5 pts.

Present poster to class-5 pts.

Colonies at War (pgs. 224-230) Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 5, 7

_____Vocabulary flashcards-10 pts.

_____Create a booklet of the major battles of the war-10 pts.

_____Reading Flashcards-10 pts.

_____Use American Revolution CD-ROM-take quiz-10 pts.

_____Read section-be prepared to answer any question-10 pts.

_____Explain map on page 226-5 pts.

_____Complete History and Economics-pg. 231-5 pts.

The War Moves South (pgs. 232-237) Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 11, 13

_____Spoke diagram-10 pts

_____Learn vocabulary and the three "People to Meet"-10 pts.

_____Read lesson-answer 1-5 on 237-10 pts.

_____Sensory figure of Francis Marion-5 pts.

_____"Hero/Wanted" poster of Benedict Arnold-5 pts.

_____Make a historical marker for the Battle of Cowpens-5 pts.

Victory at Yorktown (pgs. 238-240) Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 11

_____Listen to section on tape-Questions 1-5 on 240-10 pts.

_____Outline section (using the skills on pg. 241)-10 pts.

_____Interview Lord Cornwalis after the surrender-5 pts.

_____Create a "rap" about the victory at Yorktown-5 pts.

Present it to the class-5 pts.

_____Create a map showing how the British army was surrounded-5 pts.

B LEVEL-This must be turned into the teacher by 11/13. Student choice as to how to answer one of the following

questions. Learning Outcomes 1, 2

_____1. Distinguish what were the major battles of the American Revolution and what do you feel is the turning point of

the war and why.

_____2. Hypothesize what may have happened in the American Revolution without the help from Europe.

_____3. Was the example set forth in the Glorious Revolution followed by the colonists in the American Revolution.

Did they have any choice in the matter? (in other words, would they have rather settled the conflict peacefully)

A LEVEL-This must be turned into the teacher by 11/13. Student choice as to how to answer one of the following questions.

You must use 2-3 outside resources for this section. Learning Outcomes 1, 12, 13

_____How do the principles in the Declaration of Independence apply to people today? Give examples!

_____How does the government view private militias? If a militia gained too much power and influence today what

would happen?

_____Is John Walker Lindh (American Taliban) a modern day version of Benedict Arnold? Why or Why not?

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