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Ancient China

submitted by Sherry Hoyer



Level "C"

Complete the following for 76 points:

Required layer. Read Chapter___ on Ancient China in the textbook.

Create a map of Ancient China. Label the major cities, rivers, mountain ranges, and plateaus. Color and title the poster. Worth a maximum of 25 points.

Take notes of lecture notes pages 1 through 4. Take the quiz. Worth a maximum of 20 points.

Define the vocabulary words onto index cards. take the vocabulary quiz. Worth a maximum of 15 points.

Make a New Year banner "Gung Hay Fat Choy". Worth a maximum of 8 points.

Listen to the story of Meng-Jiang Nye. Write a letter to her husband. Worth 7 points.

Listen to the story, Lon PoPo. Draw a picture from the story on a poster. Write a Quote from the story. Worth 7 points.

Listen to the story, Yeh-Shen, a Chinese Cinderella story. Worth 5 points.

Write your name using the Chinese characters from the packet. Worth 7 points.

Read the packet on Confucius. Create a poster demonstrating the proverbs from the past, and relate it to the present. Worth 10 points. May be completed in partners.

Level "B" Choose One. Worth 13 points.

Create a Timeline of the Emperors of Ancient China. Align the country's wars. Color pictures to show the activities. (Five feet long)

Research Ch'in's army. Create a report to give orally to the clasws.

Build a house (model) of a Chinese family of four. Create furniture and members of the house.

Use your vocabulary to write a report on Ancient China.

Find the cities of China today. Write a report and give orally to the class.

Level "A" Choose one. Worth 10 points.

Ancient China formed trade blockades against other nations. Using the current events to demonstrate the importance of trade in the present. Use the United States as today's trade alliance.

Choose an identity from Ancient China. Write a week's journal from that person's point of view. Be creative in your entries, so that they reveal the character, attitude, and actions of your chosen subject.

Explain how Emperor Ch'in built his empire in China. Explain orally from a written report. Use visual aids.

Grading: 90-100=A 89-77=B 76-65=C 64-55=D 54-0=F

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