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7th Grade Life Science
Chestnut Log Middle School
Douglasville, Georgia.

Essential Questions: 1) Why do I look like I do?  2) How do crime scene investigators use DNA?  3) How can a doctor determine disorders before birth?  4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering?  5) Why do farmers genetically alter crops?  6) How does your environment affect your hereditary traits?  7) Why are there so many different types of tomatoes?  8) How do seedless plants reproduce?  9) Why is my hair (eyes, etc) color different from my parents?

Standard S7L3:  Students will recognize how biological traits are passed on to successive generations.

DIRECTIONS:  Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task.  You will be rewarded points for each completed assignment based on your ability to discuss and answer questions about your work with your teacher.  Starred assignments (*) MUST be completed.  You may choose others to complete needed points in each “layer”.

The Unit is worth 600 points.

C Level Assignments (25 points each) (Must complete 8 items for 200 points)
______ 1.  *”Before You Read” activity, Page 125
______ 2.  * Notetaking Worksheet, using pages 126-132.
______ 3.  * Draw a diagram of Meiosis (P129) with labels.
______ 4.  * Write a paragraph describing what takes place during Meiosis.
______ 5.  Video and Questions “Genes and Heredity”
______ 6.  * Make flashcards or a foldable for the 11 vocabulary words.
______ 7.  Complete Bikini Bottom Genetics (see teacher)
______ 8.  Complete Baby Steps through the Punnett Square (see teacher).
______ 9.  Complete Math Skills Activity, P131. 
______10. Create a graphic organizer that compares and contrasts sexual and asexual reproduction in each of the 6 kingdoms.
______11. Complete the Genetics worksheet (see teacher)
______12. Complete the DNA worksheet (see teacher)

B Level Assignments  (50 points each) (Complete 6 items for 300 points)
______ 13.  * Lab:  Predicting Results w/Questions & Paragraph (P.135)
______ 14.  * Create a graphic organizer to compare/contrast Meiosis & Mitosis.
______ 15.   Genetics Traits Activity  (In folder)
______ 16.   Who’s Right? Activity (in folder)
______ 17.   * Breeding Critters Activity (See teacher)
______ 18.   Toothpick Fish Activity
______ 19.   Create a model of a DNA strand with labels.
______ 20.   Grow a plant asexually.  Share with the class.

A Level Assignment ( Choose and complete 1 for 100 points)  (Must use the A level assignment sheet!)
______21.  You are a genetic engineer and have been given the task of creating a better tomato.  You will design the process, define how the product is better, and describe how the funds will be allocated.  You may work with a partner to research, plan, and decide on a budget and how the money will be spent.  You must give a presentation to the board of directors and convince them to approve your budget.
______22.  Select one of the following topics.  Research the topic and write a 1-page typed paper giving a summary and your opinion.
  Be prepared to present the information to the class or teacher. 
a. Cloning   b. Gene therapy   c. Human genome project   d. a genetic disease or disorder.
______23.  Find and bring in a current event article on Genetics/Heredity.  Share it with the class.  Write a 1-page summary and response, including reference.
______24.  Research and be prepared to debate the pros and cons of genetic cloning in front of the class. 

Parent Signature                    (for 15 extra points)


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