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by Babe Willey

Fremont, OH

Chapter 10 Biodiversity Name_______________

1. Ecolog

2. *Read p. 253-260; answer questions 1-4 p. 260 (8 pts)

3. *Read Case Study p. 256-7; answer questions (4 pts)

4. *Read p 261-266; answer questions 1-4 p. 266 (8 pts)

5. *Read Case Study p. 264-5; answer questions (4 pts)

6. *Read p. 267-270; answer questions 1-3 (6 pts)

7. *P. 273: bottom right corner: Portfolio activity: Do a project on one endangered species chosen from Mrs. Willey's list. Inform your classmates about your chosen species and convince them of the importance of saving this species. Poster, powerpoint presentation. (20 pts)

8. Read p. 276-77, Owls vs. Loggers; answer questions. Be sure to use and write out the decision making model from page 23 as you answer question 1. (6pts)

9. Read about a career as a Research wildlife biologist by reading p. 274-5

10. Research the status of the Endangered Species Act from 1973 to present. Make a poster display showing a time line of events, specific people, political parties involved and present problems. (30 pts)

11. Native American Fishing Rights p. 135 (other book) Read and summarize (5 pts)

12. Modification for Wildlife Management Purposes p.133-138 (other book) (minus p. 135 above); Read and summarize in writing. (10 pts)

13. Biodiversity Center Homepage at The Rutgers University: What is Biodiversity?

14. Extinction, Human Accelerated Extinction, Why Worry about Extinction? What is being done to prevent extinction? P. 139-148 (other book) Read and summarize in writing. (15 pts)

15. P. 144 (Bison), p. 148 (animals that benefit); Dusky Seaside Sparrow/Consider this Case Study (149) (15 pts) Read and summarize in writing; answer questions.

16. Continue monitoring Decomposition Bottle

17. Read, "Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss" ; summarize briefly each short paragraph (7 of them) in 3-4 sentences each. 15 pts. (handout)

18. Read handout , The Case For Saving Species: then select 3 scientists from left column, go to website (on bottom of handout) and read their reasons for saving species; identify what they agree on and what may be different reasons for saving species. (15 pts)

19. Read handout, "Pressures on Marine Biodiversity"; summarize the 5 categories. (15 pts)

20. Read handout, "Extinction-prone groups of species; summarize the 10 different groups (20 pts)

21. Read the handout, "The 5 Major Extinctions suffered by life on planet Earth (so far)"; create a poster timeline proportional in years. (see me for help if you need it) (15 pts)

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