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Español 2 Capítulo 6

By Brenda Blanco, Twin Falls,Idaho

All work for layered curriculum must be completed with 80% of the information correct and on time for maximum points possible. If not at the needed level, correctives must be completed to receive credit for the work. All work must deal with current chapter information. If students do not complete required assignments then they will receive the next lowest grade from the level completed.


______ Nivel C. min. 58 pts- 78 pts max  Indicates REQUIRED assignments                                  






1.        ☺Verb chart of the following reciprocal verbs in the present tense (graduarse, abrazarse, besarse, darse la mano, casarse, decirse) & the following in preterito (cumplir, ^creer, +ir, +ser, lanzar, nacer, estar, encender, charlar, apagar, regalar, bailar, invitar, felicitar, celebrar, +dar)




2.        WB 6-1to 4




3.        Create word scramble   Sentences/clues must be in Spanish. Provide a key      




4.        Verb chart: do the following verbs in preterito (+dar, *pedir, *vestirse, *dormir, *servir, *mentir, *preferir, *divertirse,) and the reciprocal verbs in presente (escribirse, ayudarse, visitarse, verse, hablarse por teléfono, saludarse, pelearse, amarse)    




5.        ☺Write and present a 1-1.5 minute conversation w/ partner, use the 1st section of vocabulary in ch. 10+ voc




6.        Writing packet




7.        ☺Más préctica          p.543-545  copy sentences/info




8.        Create crossword puzzle, ½ in the preterito & ½ in the imperfecto  (max of 18 words)      provide a key




9.        ☺WB 5-5 to 9




10.     Homework packet             




11.      Audio 5.1-5.2  &   Audio 5.3-5.5




12.     Vocab flash cards




13.     ☺Write and present a 1-1.5 minute conversation w/ partner, use the 2nd section of vocabulary in ch.  10+ voc   




13. Parent signature




            Puntos ganado ____________

______  Nivel B: Choose ONLY one project & complete it. Must have the min # of pts in C level for the B to count.





1.  Design concept poster on vocab using 10 old vocab words and expanding with 5 new vocab words



2.  Find two comparative recipes for 2 different countries of 2 different regions, type recipes (5) and present & serve the food (5). Explain your choice(5).



3.  Design high quality travel brochure for Spanish speaking country. Must include 15 pictures w/captions in Spanish.




______ Nivel A: Choose ONLY one project and complete for a max of 20  pts. Projects 2 & 3 must turn in a hard copy 2 days before presentation.      Must do this level to be eligible for an A.





1.   Write and illustrate a short story using current vocabulary. (10+ pgs. 2 sentences per page) You must read to the class.



2.   Write and present a puppet show with a partner



3.   Write & present a description about a special event that you have attended. Must use pretérito y imperfecto




___________total del C, B, & A                                                                                                      todos los puntos gandado _______________               


Grades: 0-41=F   42-57=D   58-78=C  79-99=B  100+=A   

Grades will be weighted o the following scale for this grading period:

Exams                                                                      33%                                         Layered Ch work                                      24 %

Quizzes                                                                    28%                                         Participation & grade sheets      9%

                                                                                                                                Additional projects                     6%                                                                                                                        

__________________________________________                              __________________________________________                 

Parent signature/date                                                                          Student signature/date                                      

 (Signatures and dates  worth 2  points in “C” level, must have both signatures to get the pts.)

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