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Peggy Childs, Washington County School District, St. George, UT

-4th grade-

Language Arts

Standard 6: Students use the concepts and conventions of print to create text.

Object 3: Recognize and construct sentences/Apply the conventions of capitalization.


1. Students will identify the rules and guidelines for capitalization when seen in print.

2. Students will use the rules and guidelines of capitalization in constructing written work.

3. Students will complete a written or oral assessment of capitalization rules.

Day 1 - 25 points are required.

_____ (Required) Fill in graphic organizer during mini-lesson on capitalization guidelines. (5 points)

_____ On a piece of paper, answer this question "What is an example of a capitalized word?" (5 points)

_____ On the same piece of paper, tell what guideline fits your example of a capitalized word. (5 points)

_____ Pick 5 guidelines and make flashcards with the guideline on one side and an example of the capitalized word on the other side. (5 points)

_____ Find the capitalization rules in one of the class resource books. On a piece of paper, write the name of the book, page number, and copy 5 rules that are new to you. How are you going to remember them? (10 points)

_____ Do a cursive practice sheet on capital letters. (5 points)

_____ Choose a worksheet from the Lesson Box on the back table. Complete. (5 points)

_____ Do a classroom hunt for capitalized letters. Write down as many as you can find.

List the rules for capitalization on 5 of your word finds. (5 points)

_____ Visit the following web site. Choose from activity 2, 3, or 4. (5 points) http://www.oswego.org/mtestprep/ela4index.cfm?GradeLevel=ELA%20Grade%204&By=Resource

Day 2 - 25 points are required.

_____ (Required) Review capitalization guidelines with graphic organizers in class mini-

lesson. (5 points)

_____ Go on a hunt for capitalized letters. Cut out examples from the magazine pile to

decorate a small poster with a capitalization guideline written on it. (10 points)

_____ Do a cursive practice sheet on capital letters. (5 points)

_____ Pick an English book from the shelf. Find the chapter on capitalization. Do one

of the exercises. (10 points)

_____ Pair up with a partner to review capitalization flashcards. (5 points)

_____ Select a computer activity from the Capitalization Sources page. Check finished

product with partner. (5 points)

_____ Make a graphic organizer your way that helps you remember the rules of using

capitalization. (10 points)

Day 3 - 25 points are required

_____ (Required) Take your graphic organizer with capitalization guidelines. Review with a partner for 5 minutes. (5 points)

_____ Go to http://www.edhelper.com/language/capitalization.htm and print two worksheets for you to work on and complete. (10 points)

_____ Do a short one page (double spaced) story that has at least six example of

capitalization rules. Write the correct copy and also a copy in all lower case.

Proof with a peer and then with the teacher. Submit to this website:

http://www.edhelper.com/language/capitalization.htm (10 points)

_____ Share with the class examples of other languages (books or magazines). Write

the rules for capitalization in that language. (10 points)

_____ Do a cursive practice sheet for capital letters. (5 points)

_____ "I" is always capitalized when writing about yourself. Tell why you are important

enough to always use the capital I, not a lower case i, in writing. (10 points)

_____ Teach someone else by making a mini-lesson about capitalization. (10 points)

Day 4 - Assessment and work sharing

_____ Complete the capitalization rules test. (1-10 points)

_____ Sign your name on the Oral Assessment Schedule on the front table if you want

to do an oral interview with the teacher. (1-10 points)

_____ With a peer, share your capitalization work from your folder. Go over the rubric

for good individual work. Make any improvements you want before handing in

at the end of class. (5 points)

Capitalization Rubric

Rating In Progress Proficient Advanced
Capitalization: *beginning of sentence *proper names *the word - I *days, months, holidays *names and titles *names of places *titles, books, poems *speaker's first word Minimal use of correct Capitalization. There are a few if any errors in capitalization including: *beginning of sentences *proper names *books, titles *speaker's first word The writing does not contain patterns of errors in capitalization.
Work folder: Not complete, messy, Missing many things. Almost complete work, neat, missing a few things. Complete work, very neat, has everything it needs.
Assessment: Missed more than half of the questions. Missed less than five questions. No mistakes.
Point Value 1 point each 2 points each 3 points each
Points Earned _______ ______ ______

Total points: ________ (102 possible)

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