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Project 1- Creating and Editing a Word Document

by Carolyn Walker

 Tri-County Technical College

Pendleton, SC

Name:____________________  Due Date:__________        Your Score _______/100 max

SECTION I “C” LEVEL (required assignment)




Step-By-Step pgs. WD 6 – WD 62    (DO  NOT PRINT) (35 pts)

SECTION II “B” LEVEL (max 30 pts.)




1.         Orally explain the MS Word window. (5 pts)


2.         Orally explain overtype mode. (5 pts)


3.         Write a paragraph defining word wrap in your own words. (5 pts)


4.         Demonstrate the following actions: undo, redo, bold, italicize, underline. (5 pts)


5.         Demonstrate how to insert and resize a graphic. (5 pts)


6.         Complete Project 1 Worksheet (obtain from instructor). (10 pts)


7.         Design a poster showing various paragraph and character formatting. (10 pts)


8.         Write a song or poem.  Include at least 5 points from Project 1.  Perform it for two classmates and me. (20 pts)


9.         Create a 5 page short book on any of Project 1 objectives (see page         in textbook) (20 pts)


10.     Construct a board game on project 1 and have two of your classmates play it. (20 pts)


11.     Complete 1 of the following “Learn It Online” activities (crossword puzzle worth 15 pts, all others worth 10 pts) #2, #4, #5, #6, #10


13.     Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on 5 skills you learned in the “C” level and present it to the class (20 pts)


14.     Complete any “In The Lab” on pgs. WD 67 – WD 70 of textbook   (20 pts)


Continue on back F

SECTION III “A” LEVEL (Choose only one)




1. Complete only one of the following: Cases and Places #3, #4, or #5 – Group Project max 4/grp  (35 pts)


2.    Alternate Assignment (must have instructor’s approval)  (35 pts)


 Grading Scale

F = (0-59 pts)        D = (60-69 pts)    C = (70-79 pts)      B = (80-89 pts)      A = (90 -100 pts)

MS Word 2003

Project 1 Worksheet

Name:__________________________________________     Date________________


Instructions: Circle the correct response and be prepared to answer 3-5 questions from this worksheet.

  1. The _____ bar contains buttons that allow you to speak commands.
    1. Status
    2. Talk
    3. Language
    4. Speak
  1. A(n) _____ contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform frequent tasks quickly.
    1. indicator
    2. toolbar
    3. Scroll bar
    4. task pane
  1. _____ are used to display different portions of your document in the document window.
    1. Status indicators
    2. Toolbars
    3. Scroll bars
    4. Rulers
  1. The Language bar can be in any state except the following.
    1. Opened
    2. Closed
    3. Hidden
    4. Restored
  1. If a word you type is not in Word's dictionary, a _____ wavy underline displays below the word, and a red _____ displays on the Spelling and Grammar Checking Status icon.
    1. green, check mark
    2. green, X
    3. red, check mark
    4. red, X
  1. The file type _____ indicates that the file is a Word document.
    1. .word
    2. .doc
    3. .file
    4. .wd
  1. The _____ command can be used to duplicate an action that you wish to perform again.
    1. repeat
    2. redo
    3. undo
    4. copy
  1. Selected graphics display _____ handles at the corner and middle locations.
    1. selection
    2. sizing
    3. picture
    4. resizing
  1. _____ the OVR status indicator to toggle between overtype and insert mode.
    1. Click
    2. Right-click
    3. Double-click
    4. Drag
  1. To close a document and start over, _____.
    1. click Close on the File menu
    2. click the Close button at the right edge of the menu bar
    3. click the Close button on the Standard toolbar
    4. both a and b

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