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Project 4-  Creating A Document With A Table, Chart, and Watermark

by Carolyn Walker

 Tri-County Technical College

Pendleton, SC

Name:____________________  Due Date:__________        Your Score _______/100 max

SECTION I “C” LEVEL (required)




Step-By-Step pgs. WD 220-WD 284 (DO  NOT PRINT) (35 pts)


SECTION II “B” LEVEL (max 30 pts.)

1.      Demonstrate to instructor how to add a border and shading to a paragraph. (5 pts)


2.      Demonstrate to instructor how to insert a section break and create a header different from a previous header. (5 pts)


3.      Design a poster showing characters formatted using the font dialog box. (10 pts)


4.      Bring in a magazine or book with a complex table and describe the formatting to your instructor. (10 pts)


5.      List steps on how to create and apply a character style using picture bullets. (10 pts)


6.      Create a 5 page short book on any of Project 4 objectives. (20 pts)


7.      Write a song or poem.  Include at least 5 points from Project 4.  Perform it for two classmates and me. (20 pts)


8.      Complete 1 of the following “Learn It Online” activities on pg. WD 286 in textbook  #2, #4, #5, #6  (crossword puzzle worth 15 pts, all others worth 10 pts)


9.      Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the skills you learned in the “C” level and present it to the class (20 pts)


SECTION III “A” LEVEL (Choose only one)




1.      Design a simple or complex table on a topic of your choice and graph it using Microsoft Graph. (DO NOT PRINT) (35 pts)


2.      Alternate Assignment (must have instructor’s approval). (35 pts)


 Grading Scale

F = (0-59 pts)        D = (60-69 pts)    C = (70-79 pts)      B = (80-89 pts)      A = (90 -100 pts)

MS Word 2003
Project 4 Worksheet

Name ________________________________________      Date _________________

Instructions:  Circle the correct response and be prepared to answer 3-5 questions on this worksheet.

1.         Which type of proposal offers solutions to a problem or improvement to a situation?

a.     planning

b.      research

c.       sales

d.      feasibility

2.     Shadows are added to characters ________________.

a.       in the Shadow dialog box

b.      by using the Shadow command on the shortcut menu

c.       in the Font dialog box

d.      all of the above

3.         Section breaks _______________.

a.       do not print

b.      display on the screen as a double dotted line

c.       indicate where new page formatting begins

d.      all of the above

4.         Section breaks are inserted __________________.

a.          from the Insert menu

b.         from the Format menu

c.          by clicking the Section button on the Formatting toolbar

d.         by clicking the Continuous button on the Standard toolbar

5.         To view a file’s contents before inserting it, click ________________.

a.    Preview on the shortcut menu

b.   Preview on the File menu

c.    Preview in the Insert File dialog box

d.   all of the above

6.         A chart’s horizontal axis also is called the _______________.

a.       value axis

b.      legend

c.       category axis

d.      embedded object

7.         When the Draw Table button is recessed, the mouse pointer _______________.

a.       changes to the shape of a hand

b.      changes to the shape of a pencil

c.       changes to a crosshair

d.      remains unchanged

8.         A(n) ________________ occurs when the first line of a paragraph displays by itself at the bottom of a page.

a.       widow

b.      hanging paragraph

c.       orphan

d.      header

9.         To add rows in the middle of a table, ________________.

a.       click the Insert Rows button, then select the row above the location for the new rows

b.      click the Insert Rows button, then select the row below the location for the new rows

c.       select the row above the location for the new row, then click the Insert Rows button

d.      select the row below the location for the new row, then click the Insert Rows button

10.     Watermarks _______________.

a.       can consist of a company’s logo or other visually appealing art

b.      can be moved on the page

c.       can be different colors

d.      all of the above

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