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Project 5 -  Generating Form Letters, Mailing Labels, and Directories

by Carolyn Walker

 Tri-County Technical College

Pendleton, SC

Name:____________________  Due Date:__________        Your Score _______/100 max

SECTION I “C” LEVEL (required)




Step-By-Step pgs. WD 300-WD 363 (DO  NOT PRINT)          (35 pts)



SECTION II “B” LEVEL (max 30 pts.)




1.      Orally explain the mail merge process. (5 pts)


2.      Orally explain the terms “data record” and “data field”. (5 pts)


3.      Demonstrate to your instructor how to insert and format an Autoshape. (5 pts)


4.      Demonstrate to your instructor how to insert and edit merge fields in a main document. (5 pts)


5.      Demonstrate to your instructor how to sort records. (5 pts)


6.      Create an outlined numbered list on a topic of your choice. (5 pts)


7.      Bring in a form letter you received and describe the field codes/merge fields to your instructor. (10 pts)


8.      Complete Project 5 Worksheet (obtain from instructor).  (10 pts)


9.      Design a poster showing various paragraph styles. (10 pts)


10.  Complete only 1 of the following “Learn It Online” activities on pg. WD 365 in textbook: #2, #4, #5, #6 (crossword puzzle worth 15 pts, all others worth 10 pts)


11.  Create a 5 page short book on any of Project 5 objectives (see page WD 298 in textbook) (20 pts)


12.  Write a song or poem.  Include at least 5 points from Project 5.  Perform it for two classmates and me. (20 pts)


13.  Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on a topic of your choice.  Include 5 things you learned in the “C” level and present it to the class.               (20 pts)






Complete In The Lab #2 on pgs. WD 369-WD 371 (DO NOT PRINT)            

                                                                                                   (35 pts)


 Grading Scale

F = (0-59 pts)        D = (60-69 pts)    C = (70-79 pts)      B = (80-89 pts)      A = (90 -100 pts)

MS Word 2003

Project 5 Worksheet

Name ________________________________________      Date _________________

Instructions:  Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false and be prepared to answer 3-5 questions on this worksheet.

T     F     1.      The first step in the mail merge process is to identify the document you will use as the data source.

T     F     2.      The Blanks option for selecting records will select records that have no blank fields.

T     F     3.      The first row of a data source is called the header row.

T     F     4.      Each row below the header row is called a field name.

T     F     5.      A field must be associated with a data source.

T     F     6.      The SKIP RECORD IF field instructs the mail merge not to generate a form letter for a data record if a specific condition is met.

T     F     7.      A document printed in portrait orientation prints with the long edge of the paper at the top.

T     F     8.      To promote a list item to the previous level, press SHIFT+TAB.

T     F     9.      Field codes tend to clutter the screen, so you should turn them off after viewing them.

T     F     10.    An expression in a condition must contain only a mathematical formula.

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