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Project 6- Creating A Professional Newsletter

by Carolyn Walker

 Tri-County Technical College

Pendleton, SC

Name:____________________  Due Date:_______ Your Score _______/100 max

SECTION I “C” LEVEL (required)




Step-By-Step pgs. WD 380-WD 444  (DO  NOT PRINT) (35 pts)


SECTION II “B” LEVEL (30 pts. max)

1.        Orally explain the following desktop terminology: nameplate, pullquote. (See page WD 380)       (5 pts)


2.        Write a paragraph on “How To Insert A Symbol & Special  Characters” (See page WD 390-391 )   (5 pts)


3.        Demonstrate to your instructor how to format a document into multiple columns. (5 pts)


4.        Demonstrate to your instructor how to use the format painter button. (5 pts)


5.        Complete Project 6 Worksheet (obtain from instructor).

                                                                                           (10 pts)


6.        Bring in a newsletter you have received and describe the formatting to your instructor. (10 pts)


7.        Design a poster showing various WordArt objects. (20 pts)


8.        Create a 5 page short book on any of Project 6 objectives.

                                                                                         (20 pts)


9.        Write a song or poem.  Include at least 5 points from Project 6.  Perform it for two classmates and me. (20 pts)


10.   Complete 1 of the following “Learn It Online” activities on pg. 6.75 in textbook: #2, #4, #5, #6 (crossword puzzle worth 15 pts, all others worth 10 pts)


11.   Create a Newsletter of your choice.  You decide on content, layout, etc.     (20 pts)


12.   Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the skills you learned in the “C” level and present it to the class (20 pts)






Complete In The Lab #2 on pgs. WD 451-WD 452 of textbook.
(35 pts)

Grading Scale

F = (0-59 pts)        D = (60-69 pts)    C = (70-79 pts)      B = (80-89 pts)      A = (90 -100 pts)

Word 2003
Project 6 Worksheet

Name ________________________________________            Date _________________

Instructions:  Fill in the blanks with the appropriate term or phrase and be prepared to answer 3-5 questions on this worksheet.

1.      A(n) _______________ is text that is copied from the text of a document and given graphical emphasis so that it stands apart and grasps the reader’s attention.

2.      A(n) _______________ is a graphic that was created using Word.

3.      ________________ enables you to create special effects such as shadowed, rotated, stretched, skewed, and wavy text.

4.      ________________ text has the appearance of motion.

5.      Newspaper-style columns also are called _______________.

6.      Text in which the left and right margins are aligned is referred to as _______________.

7.      A(n) ________________ is a container for text that allows you to position text anywhere on the page.

8.      To copy formatting quickly, use the _______________ button on the Standard toolbar.

9.      Horizontal lines in a nameplate are called _______________.

10.  Word provides several tools to assist you with working with others, or to _______________ on a document.

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