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Project 3- Creating a Resume Using a Wizard and a Cover Letter with a Table

by Carolyn Walker

 Tri-County Technical College

Pendleton, SC

Name:____________________  Due Date:__________        Your Score _______/100 max

SECTION I “C” LEVEL (required assignment)




Step-By-Step pgs. WD 138-WD 195 (Exclude envelope on pg. 191)              

(DO  NOT PRINT)     (35 pts)



SECTION II “B” LEVEL (max 30 pts.)

1.         Orally explain the Resume Wizard. (5 pts)


2.         List the elements of a business letter using bullets. (5 pts)


3.         Demonstrate how to insert a Table. (5 pts)


4.         Complete Project 3 worksheet (obtain from instructor). (10 pts)


5.         Bring in examples of common Business Letter styles and explain to instructor. (10 pts)


6.         Design a poster of different tab settings. (20 pts)


7.         Write a song or poem.  Include at least 5 points from Project 3.  Perform it for two classmates and me. (20 pts)


8.         Create a 5 page short book on any of Project 3 objectives (see page         in textbook) (20 pts)


9.         Construct a board game on project 3 and have two of your classmates play it. (20 pts)


10.     Complete 1 of the following “Learn It Online” activities (crossword puzzle worth 15 pts, all others worth 10 pts) #2, #4, #5, #6, #10


11.     Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on 5 skills you learned in the “C” level and present it to the class (20 pts)






Complete In The Lab #2 on pgs. WD 132-WD 133 (PRINT THIS ASSIGNMENT)  (35 pts)

  Grading Scale

F = (0-59 pts)        D = (60-69 pts)    C = (70-79 pts)      B = (80-89 pts)      A = (90 -100 pts)

MS Word 2003

Project 3 Worksheet 

Name:____________________________   Date:______________________ 

Instructions: Fill in the best answer and be prepared to answer 3-5 questions on this worksheet.

1. When you use a _______________, which is similar to a form with prewritten text, Word prepares the document with text and formatting common to all documents of that nature.

2. A(n) _______________ is a collection of rows and columns.

3. Each cell in a table contains a(n) _______________ that you use to select and format cells.

4. Through the _______________ task pane, you can view, create, and apply styles.

5. A(n) _______________ advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line, ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions.

6. To see exactly how a document will look when it is printed, use the _______________ command on the File menu.

7. A(n) _______________ is a location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key on the keyboard.

8. _______________ is the process of copying an item from the Office Clipboard into the document at the location of the insertion point.

9. In Word, _______________ refers to returning the formatting to the Normal style.

10. A(n) _______________ hyphen is a special type of hyphen that prevents two words which are separated by a hyphen from splitting at the end of a line.


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