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 EDSE 3348

Genetically Modified Organisms: Layered Curriculum Unit
Jillian Rose Mata

TEKS: §112.16. Science, Grade 5.

(3) Scientific investigation and reasoning. The student uses critical thinking and scientific problem solving to make informed decisions. The student is expected to:     (A) in all fields of science, analyze, evaluate, and critique scientific explanations by using empirical evidence, logical reasoning, and experimental and observational testing, including examining all sides of scientific evidence of those scientific explanations, so as to encourage critical thinking by the student.

Section I: C Layer                                       65 points

1.       Define genetically modified organisms with a dictionary and write in a sentence.               5 points

2.       Create an illustration of a genetically modified organism.                                                 5 points

3.       Share and explain your idea on genetically modified organisms with a peer.                        5 points

4.       Sort true and false statements on what genetically modified organisms are.                        5 points

5.       Generate a list of words important about genetically modified organisms.                           5 points

6.       Write a simile(s) on the graffiti board for genetically modified organisms.                          10 points

7.       Create a song about the dominance of genetically modified organisms.                              10 points

8.       Watch the video: “GMO, OMG” and write a brief summary on the video.                           10 points

9.       Conduct a list of all of the genetically modified organism you can find.                               10 points

10.   Pose questions regarding the dominance of genetically modified organisms.                     10 points

11.   Analyze photos of companies’ patents and their rights.                                                           10 points

12.   Sequence steps companies’ take in patents of genetically modified organisms.                 10 points

13.   Create a computer generated concept map on genetically modified organisms.               10 points

14.   Write a letter to a company on labeling genetically modified organisms.                            10 points

15.   Listen to a lecture on company patents of genetically modified organisms.                        10 points

Section II: B Layer             Choose only one             15 points

1.       Design an experiment of your own genetically modified organism. Write down the process of your experiment including the trials, subjects, length of study, and the benefits/consequences.

2.       Conduct an interview with a manager or grocery store clerk on how many items are genetically modified organisms in their store and which items that are not genetically modified if possible.

3.       Create a documentary video on your findings of genetically modified organisms. Target key points of the relationship between biodiversity, food security, sustainable development, and benefits and harm to society due to genetically modified organisms.

Section III: A Layer            Choose only one             20 points

1.       What health or environmental risks do genetically modified organisms contribute?

2.       Are genetically modified organisms part of nature or a man-made creation?

3.       Why are genetically modified organisms not allowed by law in the Norwegian market? How are genetically modified organisms evaluated according to the Norwegian Gene Technology Act?

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