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Simple Machines

Holly Curry
Science teacher
Overton High School
Overton Texas

Choose three activities.  You must choose an A, a B, and a C.  Everyone must do C-1 in addition to their other C, B, and A.  (In other words, you will be doing two C, one B, and one A.)  All activities in this are individual.  These can be worked on in any order.   This will require you to work outside of class!! 


C 3-9 (first of class)

B 3-10 (middle of class)

A - 3-12 (end of class) 


Complete the Simple machines/ideal mechanical advantage worksheet


Summarize the simple machine notes. 


Draw a comic strip that illustrates the use of the six simple machines.


Make a review game that would help review for a test on simple machines, mechanical advantage, and efficiency.


Make a mask that uses all of the simple machines.  It must be wearable.


Make a magazine collage that shows the different types of simple machines and how they work.


Make a rube Goldberg that contains at least 5 energy changes and properly uses all six simple machines. 


Points Available:

C up to 20 points

B up to 30 points

A up to 50 points

Each is a separate grade.   C and B are daily grades, A is a test grades.

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