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Chapter 7 Electricity Layered Curriculum

Jennifer Lammers
Peet Junior High School
Cedar Falls, IA

Chapter 7 Objectives Glencoe Physical Science Book 2005 

7:1 Electric Charge pgs 192-199

  1. Describe how electric charges exert forces on each other.
  2. Compare the strengths of electric and gravitational forces.
  3. Distinguish between conductors and insulators
  4. Explain how objects become electrically charged.

7:2 Electric Current pgs 200-205

  1. Describe how voltage difference causes current to flow.
  2. Explain how batteries produce a voltage difference in a circuit.
  3. List the factors that affect an object’s electrical resistance.
  4. Define and use the Ohm’s Law formula

7:3 Electrical Energy pgs. 207-211

  1. Describe the difference between parallel and series circuit.
  2. Recognize the function of the circuit breakers and fuses.
  3. Calculate electrical power.
  4. Calculate the electrical energy used by a device.

General Instructions:  Ever want “a voice and choice” in your learning?  Here’s your chance!  Decide how many points you will earn and what assignments/labs/evaluations that you will do.  When you are ready for the instructor put your table tent up at your desk and move on to your next task while you wait 

Complete one “layer” before going on to another layer.  Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task.  Be prepared to discuss and answer questions about each of your assignments.  You will be awarded points by your teacher based upon your ability to discuss and answer questions about your work.  When appropriate, you may work with a partner or partners, but you must be able to answer the teacher’s questions without any assistance.

CONTENT LAYER must be completed before beginning the LAB LAYER.  Also you must pass the exit quiz over the CONTENT LAYER with at least an 80 %. 

You must take the C layer quiz by Monday May 21st.


The entire unit must be completed by Friday May 25th

This will be the day of the test and all Application Layer Assignments will be due. 

A maximum of 10 extra credit points may be done. 

5 Points will be deducted per day for not using class time and being off task. 

Grading Scale  This is a combination of Content Layer points and Lab Layer points

135-121 pts  A

120-108pts  B

107-94 pts C 

Content Layer   Activities and Assignments (115 points)       NAME_______________________


  1. ____ Read 7:1, 7:2 and 7:3 and complete the note-taking worksheets for each section (10pts)
  2. ____ Complete the concept map for Electricity 7:1 and Electric Current (10pts)
  1. _____ Read the applying math on page 211 and do practice problems 1-3 pg 211 and  do  

                      Ohm’s Law problem sheet (10 pts) 

  1. _____ Read the applying math on page 212 and do 1-2 pg and Electrical energy worksheet (10 pts)
  1. _____ Complete the Study guide for this unit (10 pts)
  2. _____  Read 7:1 pgs 192-199  and do 1-5 pg 199

         Read 7:2 pgs 200-205 and do 1-7 pg 205

          Read 7:3 pgs 207-213 and do 1-8 pgs 213 (All 3 sections 10 pts) 

  1. _____ Go to http://www.unitedstreaming.com.  ID: peet267   password aea267 Search for The Nature of Electricity © 2000 Visual Learning Company Watch the 20 min.  Take the Video quiz at the end. (10pts)
  1. _____ Go to Ms. Lammers website and take the Chapter Review online quiz for Ch 7.  Print out your results. (5pts)
  1. _____ Make Vocabulary Flashcards with definitions, sentences, and pictures for the words listed on page 218 (10pts)
  1. _____ Go to Ms. Lammers website and watch the Brain Pop movie on Current Electricity.   Write down 3 of the facts that you learn and take the quiz. Write down questions and answers (5 pts)
  1. ____ Read the Cartoon Guide to Physics for CHARGE and draw your own cartoon that explains a concept from Chapter 7 (10pts)
  1. _____ Develop an analogy for how electric current flows.  Using the words Voltage, Current, Resistance, Amps, Ohms, and Volts. (5 pts)
  1. _____ Get the Student Works computer CD from Ms. Lammers/ Mrs. Smith and complete the virtual lab sheet for electricity. (10pts)


  1. _____Investigating Battery addition (10pts)
  2. _____Identifying Conductors and Insulators (10pts)
  3. _____Comparing Series and Parallel Circuits (15 pts)
  4. _____Electromagnet Lab (15 pts)

APPLICATION LAYER TEST Activities (25-30 pts total) Choose one: Must be competed by May 25th 

  1. _____ Take the  regular test over Electricity
  2. _____Write a test over Electricity and create an answer key.   Making sure that you have at least two questions per objective. Label the questions 7:1 A for the first objective in section 7:1
  3. _____ Complete the Comparing Lights Activity.
  4. _____Follow the instructions to build an electric motor and write a summary of how it works and where they are used in real life.  See Mrs. Smith/Ms. Lammers first!

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