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Earth Science - Earth's Atmosphere

by Jody Paramore

Winterville, NC

NAME: _______________________________________

Grading: Unit grades make-up 60 % of a student's overall grade

Time Span:

Due Date:

Objectives (what are we learning in this unit?):

Competency Goal 5: The learner will build an understanding of the dynamics and composition of the atmosphere and its local and global processes influencing climate and air quality.

5.03 Analyze global atmospheric changes including changes in CO2, CH4, and stratospheric O3 and the consequences of these changes:

Climate change.

Changes in weather patterns.

Increasing ultraviolet radiation.

Sea level changes.

A: 93-100 %

B: 85-92 %

C: 77-84 %

D: 70-76 %

F: 0-69 %


Choose any of the assignments listed that you would like to complete. You will not do all the assignments. You'll only do as many assignments as it takes for you to complete each layer successfully. Each assignment can only be attempted one time.

"C" Layer (Successful Completion Earns One a C Grade)-Section I / Basic Understanding-80 percentage (%) points must be earned from this section before moving into the B Layer. Choose any of the assignments listed, in this section, that you would like to complete. No more than 80 percentage (%) points can be applied to your unit grade from this section.

Notes-Tape Recorded (listen & take notes from the cassette player-side A, study them, show them to Mr. Paramore for oral defense)

1. Greenhouse Effect vs. Global Warming (10 %)

2. Ozone (10 %)

Videos (watch all of the video assigned, complete written part, and be prepared for oral defense)

3. Fill in the video notes for "Everest"-on table (10 %)

4. Take 20 notes from the "Ozone Zone" video and include a 5-7 sentence paragraph at the end of the notes explaining what the video was about and what you learned. (10 %)

Vocabulary / Worksheets

5. Create flashcards with the word and definition for the following key terms (words are in the glossary or the index of your book): atmosphere, ozone, troposphere, stratosphere, jet stream, mesosphere, exosphere, radiation, greenhouse effect, climate (10 %)

6. Complete the Earth's Atmosphere study guide (on table) (10 %)

Computer Activities (complete the activity, study your work, bring to Mr. P. for oral defense)

7. Complete the Earth's Atmosphere Internet Activity-on table (10 %)

8. Complete the Global Warming Internet Activity-on table (on table) (10 %)

Reading (complete the assignment, study, and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense)

9. Complete the guided reading notes for Chp. 5-Earth's Atmosphere-on table. (10 %)

10. Read "Experts: Ozone Hole Reaches Record Size" and "History of the Atmosphere-The Past to the Present". Answer the questions about the articles on the worksheets-on table. (10 %)


11. Research sea levels on earth in its history. Write a short report explaining how and why it has changed over time (10 %)

12. Write a commercial for a product that advertises the fact that the product does not use CFC's. Explain what they are and how buying your product means you are helping the environment. (10 %)

Fine Arts

13. Create a comic strip that explains the difference in how the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect benefit earth. Include what earth would be like without either. (10 %)

14. Complete the CO2 line graph activity-on table. Use a colored pencil or marker. (10 %)

Hands-On / Interactive

15. Create a 3-D model concept car or truck that will help global warming. Include a write-up explaining how it helps global warming with the model. (10 %)

16. Complete the Composition of the Atmosphere: A Graphic Model activity. Answer the questions and create a colored bar graph on the provided graph paper-on table. (10 %)

"B" Layer-Section II / Application of Knowledge (Successful Completion Earns One a B Grade) (Choose one for 10 %, must complete before moving to Section III)

1. Complete the 'Greenhouse Effect Model' activity. (10 %)


2. Create a habitat that shows nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide being put into the air. Make a poster that explains how these gases are being recycled in the air in your created habitat. (10 %)

"A" Layer-Section III / Critical Thinking & Analysis of Real World Issues (Successful Completion Earns One An A Grade) (Choose one for 10 %)

(Fill out the A Layer worksheet to complete this section. This worksheet can be obtained from Mr. Paramore)

1. Is global warming a real problem? (10 %)


2. Is the ozone layer currently being damaged? Should the world be concerned about any damage that may be occurring? (10 %)

Oral Defense Chart

Warning: No more than 3 assignments per day will be graded by Mr. Paramore. Be sure to study over your work before getting it graded because you will be quizzed on each assignment completed. Points can only be earned when an oral defense is completed. Do not wait until the last day to get assignments graded because only 3 will be graded that day. Ungraded work will not be accepted the last day unless an oral defense is carried out. Absent students should see Mr. Paramore about more time if they need it. Extra time will not automatically be given unless the student who has been absent approaches Mr. Paramore.

**X-tra Credit: 5 bonus points will be given if students get at least one assignment graded all five grading days. No grading will be done the first day of the unit.

Tue. 9/7 Wed. 9/8 Thu. 9/9 Fri. 9/10 Mon. 9/13
















B-1 or B-2

A-1 or A-2

Parent / Guardian Signature w/ date (5 bonus points): _____________________________________________

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