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Earth Science

by Mr. Jody Paramore

Winterville, North Carolina

NAME: _______________________________________


Time Span: 2 weeks

Due Date:

Objectives (what are we learning in this unit?):

3.01 Interpret the order and impact of events in the geologic past:

Origin of the earth system

Origin of life

Relative and absolute dating techniques

Statistical models of radioactive decay

Diversity of life through time

Fossils evidence of past life

Evolution/extinction of species

3.02 Assess evidence for and the influence on the divisions of geologic time of the major geologic events and paleoclimatic changes in global geologic history:



Stratigraphic principles

Floral and faunal succession

3.03 Evaluate the geologic history of North Carolina and the Appalachian orogen


A: 172-200

B: 143-171

C: 112-142

D: 83-111

! Each student should get at least one assignment graded per day

! No more than two assignments per student will be graded on the final day of the unit

! At least one assignment from each C-level category must be completed

"C" Layer-Section I / Basic Understanding (140 points max. Must choose 125 pts. to move to Section II)


1. Complete the Homework Reading Assignment sheet each night (20 pts.)

Notes (listen & take notes, study them, show them to Mr. Paramore for oral defense)

2. Fossil Notes (5 pts.)

3. Geologic Time Notes (5 pts.)

Videos (watch all the video, take quality notes on things you didn't know, & study them for oral defense)

4."Dinosaur Hunters"--30 notes (10pts.)

5. "Raising the Mammoth"--30 notes (10 pts.)

6. "Evolution Through Time"--30 notes (10pts.)

Computer Activities (complete the activity, study your work, bring to Mr. P. for oral defense)

7. Fossil Record Scavenger Hunt (10 pts.)

8. Geologic Time Internet Activity (10 pts)

9. Earth's History Internet Activity (10 pts.)

10. Watch the "Fossils Advanced" brainpop.com movie. Take 10 notes from video & write and answer the quiz questions. Borrow a headset from Mr. Paramore (10 pts.)

11. Do a search on the Appalachian Mountains and write a half-page report on when and how they formed (10 pts.)

Vocabulary (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

12. Make flashcards for the following words on fossils using any textbook you'd like or dictionary.com: fossil, relative dating, absolute dating, radioactive decay, evolution, extinction, uniformitarianism, unconformity

(10 pts.)

Writing (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

13. Write a short/creative story about a certain organism that occurred during one of the major periods. Research the period and include facts about what that organism would have experienced during that time. (10 pts.)

14. Write a song about any topic related to this unit. (10 pts)

15. Write a half-page paper explaining what era and period you currently live in and explain some things that happened before you showed up on earth (10 pts.)

Reading (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

16. Complete the Chapter Review for the fossil and geologic time chapters-pgs. 608&634 (10 pts.)

17. Complete all six sections reviews for chapters 19 & 20 (10 pts.)

18. Complete 'The Earth's Past' Worksheet (10 pts.)

Open-Book Assessment (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

19. Complete the Earth's History Open Book Test (10 pts.)

20. Complete the Earth's History Test study guide (10 pts.)

Fine Arts (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

21. Create a geologic timeline of Earth's history. The model should be roughly to scale based on the time the eras/periods lasted. The names of the eras and periods should be labeled. The length and beginning and ending times should be correctly labeled. Include a list of the major events w/ pictures (colored) in their correct location. The timeline should be creative. (15 pts.)

22. Create a board game based on this unit. (15 pts.)

23. Draw and label one specific dinosaur and include its name, specific details (size, habitat, characteristics), and the era and period it lived. (10 pts.)

Hands-On (study and bring to Mr. P. for oral defense to earn points)

24. Complete the "Turned to Stone" Activity (15 pts.)

25. Observe, draw, and label the fossil samples in class with its name, era, period, and age (10 pts.)

26. Find, print out, and complete a hands-on activity on the internet related to this unit. (10 pts.)

"B" Layer-Section II / Application of Knowledge (25 points, must complete before moving to Section III)

An experiment MUST be carried out to help solve the problem. A lab report should be completed with the experiment. The report should include a hypothesis, complete procedures explaining what you did, and an explanation and analysis of your conclusions.

1. What were the most abundant organisms about 20 million years ago? (reject rock with fossils from the PCS Phosphate mine will be available for your experiment)

"A" Layer-Section III / Critical Thinking & Analysis of Real World Issues (Choose one for 35 points)

Mix traditional research with values, morality, and your personal opinion about one of these topics currently under debate. There is no right or wrong answer, but your opinions should have support from your research. Three sources should be used, and cited, to gain understanding about the topic and then you should carefully evaluate the problem.

1. What happened to the dinosaurs? Investigate and report what leading experts are saying about this topic. What do you think happened? Include your opinion based on evidence. (2 pages or more)


2. Explain what creationism is? What kind of ideas do creationists have compared to scientists about the geologic timeline? What are some similarities and differences? Include a case study on one geologist and one creationist and explain their ideas? Where do you stand on this issue? Why? (2 pages or more)

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