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Unit Activities: Earth Systems

by Jon Stern

New Paltz High School, New York


Unit Objectives

Know the characteristics of earth's layers.

Recognize processes that cause layers to exchange matter or energy.

Calculate and appreciate the relative thickness of the layers.

Understand why the earth is layered.

"C" Level Work (50 points maximun)

(underlined assignments are mandatory)

(*check the rubrics for this activity)

Take notes for each lesson: (15 points) *

Earth Layers (5 points)

Using the Earth Science Reference Tables (5 points)

Earth Systems (5 points)

Earth Science A to Z: (5 points) write words that you believe are related to earth science that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Be ready to explain why 10 randomly selected words are on your list.

Flash Cards: (10 points)* create flash cards using the following words- lithosphere, crust, mantle, inner core, outer core, atmosphere, hydrosphere, troposphere, thermosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, aesthenosphere, geosphere

Concept Map: (10 points)* create a map using the following words- lithosphere, crust, mantle, core, atmosphere, hydrosphere, gas, solid, liquid, water, rock. You may do this on a sheet of paper or use the computer program "Inspiration".

Create a web page: (10 points)* the page should include information from the Earth Layers lecture.

Book Work: (5 points)* read Earth Systems on Pp. 7-9 and on P. 9 complete questions 4,5, & 6.

Earthweek: (5 points) go to the Earth Systems Unit on the class web site and follow the Earthweek link and download "This Week's" map. Create a flow chart for 5 of the articles following the same format from the lecture on Earth Systems.

Earth Science Picture: (5 points) either take a picture, find a picture, or draw a picture that includes 4 of the Earth's Systems. Label each system that is represented and give 2 examples of how matter or energy is being exchanged between these systems.

Web Site Activity: (10 points)* go to the Earth Systems Unit on the class web site and follow the Exploring Earth link. Enter Keycode ES0103 (How Are Earth's Spheres Interacting) or Keycode ES0108 (How Do Interactions Among Earth's Spheres Vary Regionally?) Choose only 1 of these.

Create a web page: (10 points)* the page should include information from the Earth Systems lecture. You may not do this if you already created a web page.

Worksheet- Atmospheric Variables: (5 points)*

Book Work: (5 points)* read Atmospheric Basics on Pp. 271-274 and complete study guide 11-1

"B" Level Work (15 points maximum)*

Lab: A Scale Model of the Earth (15 points)

Lab: Why Does the Earth Have Layers (15 points)

"A" Level Work (15 points maximum)*

Which layer of the earth is most affected by pollution? (15 points)

Why does Chaos Theory make it difficult to predict the eventual effect of human impact upon earth systems? (15 points)

Why is carbon found in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere? (15 points)

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