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Unit Activities: Mapping Earth

by Jon Stern

New Paltz High School, New York


Unit Objectives

Draw isolines on a field map.

Interpret topographic maps.

Create topographic profiles.

Calculate the gradient of a property on a field map.

"C" Level Work (65 points maximun)

(underlined assignments are mandatory)

(*check the rubrics for this activity)

Take notes for each lesson: (25 points) *

Isoline Maps (5 points)

Topographic Maps (contour interval, highest/lowest elevation, scale, distance) (5 points)

Topographic Maps (depression contours, direction of river flow) (5 points)

Gradient (5 points)

Topographic Profiles (5 points)

Create a web page: (10 points)* the page should include information from one of the unit lectures.

Flash Cards: (10 points)* create flash cards using the following words- contour interval, contour line, gradient, topographic profile, depression contours, isolines, scale, elevation, field value

Book Work: (5 points)* read Topographic Maps on Pp. 33-36 and complete study guide 2-2.

Web Site Activity: (10 points)* go to the Mapping Earth Unit on the class web site and follow the Exploring Earth link. Enter Keycode ES0307 (How Are Landforms Represented on Flat Maps?)

Lab: Drawing Isolines: (5 points- lab)

Go to the Mapping Earth Unit on the class web site and follow the Current US Air Pressures or Current US Temperatures links in order to get the current US pressure or temperature map. Draw the isobars using an interval of 4mb or the isotherms using an interval of 10o F: (5 points-lab) challenging!

Complete "Additional Isoline Maps": (5 points- lab)

A New Paltz Flood: (5 points- lab)

Construct a topographic map from a 3-D model: (10 points- lab)

Build a Geoblox topographic landform model (10 points- lab) using appropriate colors

Hyde Park Quad Questions: (5 points- lab)

Lab: More Profiles: (5 points)

Lab: Vertical Exaggeration: (5 points)

Worksheet- Gradient Review (5 points)*

Rosendale Quadrangle Questions: (10 points- lab)

Computer Activity: Introduction to Topographic Maps: (10 points)* complete the worksheet

"B" Level Work (15 points maximum)*

Lab: Fantasy Island (15 points)

Lab: Design a Hiking Trail (15 points)

"A" Level Work (20 points maximum)*

How can topographic maps be helpful in determining where to locate a dam? Be sure to refer to a least one specific example.

What topographic features or characteristics can't be accurately represented by a topographic map?

What influence has modern technology had on the creation of topographic maps?

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