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Unit Activities: Weather Variables

by Jon Stern, New Paltz High School, New York


Unit Objectives

Be able to construct and interpret weather station models.

Be able to measure weather variables using typical instruments and scales.

Understand the relationship that exits between weather variables.

Be able to use weather related charts from the Earth Science Reference Tables.

"C" Level Work (50 points maximum)

(underlined assignments are mandatory)

(*check the rubrics for this activity)

Take notes for each lesson: (10 points) *

Air Pressure


Wind Speed and Pressure Gradient

Dew Point and Relative Humidity

Lab: Station Model (5 points)

Lab: Weather Log and Relationships (10 points)

Lab: Density of Air (5 points)

Flash Cards: (5 points)* create flash cards using the following words- anemometer, barometer, weather station model, pressure gradient, dew point, relative humidity, air pressure, density, Coriolis Effect

Concept Map: (5 points)* create a map using the following words- pressure gradient, dew point, relative humidity, air pressure, density, Coriolis Effect, millibar, temperature, wind. You may do this on a sheet of paper or use the program "Inspiration" available on any school computer.

Create a web page: (5 points)* the page should include information from one of the lectures from this unit. Be sure to include graphics and links as described in the rubrics.

Book Work: (5 points)* Read or listen to Weather Analysis on Pp. 312-321 and complete Study Guide 12-3/12-4.

Earthweek: (5 points) go to the Weather Variable Unit on the class web site and follow the Earthweek link and download "This Week's" map. Write down at least 3 events from the map that are weather related. For each event explain how at least 3 weather variables most likely changed just prior to the event taking place.

Create a Video Forecast: (5 points) use current weather maps, local data, and web sites to develop a forecast for the next few days. Record yourself and a team member delivering the forecast. Be sure the video includes a weather map and that you provide a reason for the weather you are predicting.

Create a Weather Poem: (5 points) write a poem that uses at least 10 weather-related words.

Video: (5 points) Water Smart: Water in the Air or Weather Smart: Heat, Wind, and Pressure. Watch one of the videos and complete the accompanying worksheet. The video can be accessed online at www.unitedstreaming.org. Type in the username newpaltzhigh and the password streaming and type in the name of the video in the search field to locate it.

Barronsregents.com On-line Practice Quiz: (5 points) Go to the Weather Variable Unit on the class web site and follow the link to barronsregents.com. Log in or register if you have not yet done so (there is an $11.95 one time fee). Follow the links to the Weather Variable Quiz and complete on line. You will be allowed to make corrections.

"B" Level Work (10 points maximum)*

Lab: How Can Dew Point Be Measured? (10 points)

Lab: How Do Clouds Form? (10 points)

"A" Level Work (15 points maximum)*

The Perfect Storm: (15 points) Go to the Weather Variable Unit on the class web site and follow the link to the Perfect Storm. Read the entire page and complete the role of the meteorologist by following the meteorologist link. Use the suggested resources on this page in order to complete the Group Report. Do not answer the Group Report questions on the provided form. Instead create a Word document or answer using pen and paper.

Should the National Weather Service upgrade their data collection system? (15 points)

Which weather variables are the most important for weather forecasting? (15 points)

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