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Matter Unit
Judy Murray
New Braunfels, TX.

Name: ______________

Advisory: _____________

Due Date: _______________

Section C: Must choose 4 assignments to move to section II. You must read the text book chapter on Matter (B8 – B39).

  1. Listen to the lecture on matter. Take notes.
  2. Listen to the lecture on atoms/molecules. Take notes.
  3. Listen to the lecture on physical/chemical changes. Take notes.
  4. Draw an example of an atom and a molecule. Since this is an art project, it needs to have a lot of artistic detail.
  5. Watch the Bill Nye video on Matter (to be shown on a specific day _____________). Write two paragraphs about what you learned from the video.
  6. Make a “T” chart with matter and non matter items.
  7. Write a poem, song, or rap about matter. Five vocabulary words from the chapter must be included in the poem. (min. 10 lines)
  8. Create a vocabulary flip book for the words in this unit.
  9. Complete a three circle Venn diagram for the states of matter.
  10. Complete Changing an Atom worksheet. You will need to look up the words “ion” and “isotope”.
  11. Answer questions 1-5 on pg. B41.

Section B: Choose 1 assignment

Set up and conduct one of the following experiments.

Complete lab sheet. Scientific process must be followed.

  1. Complete Molecules on the Move experiment.
  2. Complete Atoms or Molecules experiment.
  3. Complete Suspensions and Solutions experiment.

Section A: Choose 1 assignment

  1. Write a one page story from the point of view of a molecule that is having energy applied to it.
  2. Write about steps that should be taken to ensure fire safety in your home. Explain how different types of substance can form chemical reactions and accelerate fires. You may contact the local fire department to get additional information.
  3. Research the scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. Write a one page paper about his classification of the elements.
  4. Go to the following website: www.chem4kids.com/matter/index/html. Read through the sections on Matter, Elements, and Atoms. Use this information to make a presentation to the class. The presentations should include a visual and should be at least 3 to 5 minutes. You should also be prepared to dress up like a scientist to give your presentation.

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