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Name ___________________________ Period _______________ Score           /160 

Unit 6: Earth History 

Lauren Ard
Santa Clara High School
Tucson, Arizona

For this unit, we will be doing almost all of our activities together. All of the activities and the dates we are doing them are listed below. They are due at the latest on January 18. No work will be accepted after January 18 unless you are absent that day.  

The activities in bold are required for every student to do. The activities not in bold are your choice to do, and you will have time to do them on January 15-17, but you should also do them earlier if you finish our other activities early. 

F: 0 – 100 Points

D: 101 – 110 Points

C: 111 – 130 Points

B: 131 – 145 Points

A: 146 – 160 Points 

Description Date Points Score
Take Cornell Notes on the entire unit. - 10  
Do the “Conclusion” worksheet for your science fair project. December 19 20  
Do the “Identifying Grand Canyon Rocks” activity. January 7 10  
Do the “Correlating Grand Canyon Rocks” activity. January 8 20  
Do the “Index Fossils” activity. January 9 20  
Do the “Adding Machine Tape Timeline.” January 10-11 40  
Add the Grand Canyon rock formations to your timeline. January 14 20  
Watch the Bill Nye video on “Fossils” and take one side of a page of Cornell Notes while watching. January 15-17 10  
Read an AR book about Earth History. They can be found on Mrs. Ard’s desk. You CANNOT check them out – they must stay in my room! If you score a 100% you get 15 points. If you score 80-99% you get 10 points. If you score below 80%, you get 0 points. January 15-17 10-15  
Do the “Personal History” worksheet. January 15-17 15  
Read “Rocks, Fossils, and Time” on page 76-79 in the soft cover book and answer the questions on the worksheet. January 15-17 20  
Read “A Fossil Primer” on page 83-88 in the soft cover book and answer the questions on the worksheet. January 15-17 20  
Do the “Rock Layers” worksheet. January 15-17 30  

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