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Lynée Zajac Beck M.Ed.

Shadow Ridge Middle School

Denver, Colorado

Extensions: Geology Unit  

Name __________________________________________  Period _______ Due Date: Sept 15, Friday

    Directions Examine the possible activities you can do to learn the unit objectives. Each assignment has a point value based on the amount of time and effort necessary to complete that task. Keep assignments with you, they will be collected after you have successfully completed the oral defense. Items marked with ** are required assignments. Required assignments must be completed for a unit grade to be assigned and for bonus points to be earned.  As always, if you have questions ask or email. 
    Objectives 4.1 Explain how minerals, rocks and soils form

    4.2 Explain how fossils formed and are used as evide4nce to indicate that life has changed through time

    4.3 Model natural processes that shape earth’s surface

    4.4 Explain the distribution and causes of natural events

    Grading Scale 45-50 = A         40-44= B         35-39 = C          30-34 =D          <30 = Not Yet!
    Late work This work will not be accepted late.  If you must be absent on the due date, make arrangements with your teacher before then, or ask someone to bring it to school for you on the due date.

Use the calendar to document your progress each day 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Rocks and Minerals Info Session 


Fossils Info Session


Geologic Time Info Session 


Plate Tectonics Info Session- all will watch video

9/13 9/14

Explore Test- may not have extensions today


Unit Due at end of period!

C200 Computer Lab avail



Rocks and Minerals




Rock cycle










Trace Fossil

Index Fossil


Geologic Time

Geologic time scale




Natural selection

Precambrian Time


Plate Tectonics




Seismic Waves



Richter Scale

Subduction Zone

Divergent Plate 

Rocks and Minerals Red Book Pages 85-107 (rocks)/ 61-71(minerals)

  1. **Information Session (5)
  2. Vocab flashcards or draw a creative and colorful picture for each vocab word. (5)
  3. Make a diorama of the rock cycle (10)
  4. Create/draw a metaphor for the rock cycle (10)
  5. Design a worksheet that matches 20 rocks with their rock type. Write answers on the back. (5)
  6. Create a pamphlet that shows common mineral uses in every day life. (10)
  7. Research: What kinds of mining for minerals happens today, here in Colorado?  What minerals are abundant in our state, and why?  What do people use them for? (10)
  8. Find 10 household items that are mineral-based.  Bring either them or their containers in for show and tell on the last unit day. (5)
  9. Create a poster of criteria for classification to be considered a mineral: inorganic, solid, etc.. Be sure to have colored images and examples. (10)
  10. Complete the Chapter 3 Review of Minerals on p82-83. You must complete all 25 questions with complete sentences. (10)
  11. Complete the Chapter 4 Review of Rocks on p112-113. You must complete all 25 questions with complete sentences. (10)

Fossils Red Book Pages 326-333

  1. **Information Session (5)
  2. Vocab flashcards or draw a creative and colorful picture for each vocab word. (5)
  3. Draw a picture book of common fossils and where they are found in the world. (10)
  4. Create a game: Check out “Colorado Gee-whiz-ology” and create a board game using the facts. (10)
  5. You are a creature living in the Paleozoic era.  What are you, how do you live, and with regards to the earth, what is it like?   When you die, do you fossilize?  Why?  How? (10)
  6. Perform a skit (2 members) about why fossils exist and why they are found the places they are.  Keep in mind I’m looking for details about the major kinds of fossils.  (10)
  7. You are a creature living in the Mesozoic Era.  What are you?  How do you live? Write a poem about how you became a fossil, and which kind you became.  Four stanzas, 4 lines each. (10)
  8. Write 3 of each of the three levels of questions about this topic. Include the answers. (5)
  9. Complete the section review on page 333. Complete all 3 questions with complete sentences. (5)

Geologic Time Red Book Pages 356-382

  1. **Information Session (5)
  2. Vocab flashcards or draw a creative and colorful picture for each vocab word. (5)
  3. Pretend that you are writing a journal on a journey to the center of the Earth in an especially designed vehicle. Write a two page story about what you would sense as you descend into the Earth. Describe how your vehicle could withstand the high temperatures and pressures, and have the ability to penetrate various densities (10)
  4. of rock. (10)
  5. Rewrite the lyrics to a popular song to be a way to remember the sections of geologic time (eon, epoch, Jurassic etc). Sing the song for the teacher or for the class on the last day of the unit. (5)
  6. Find an article on the topic. Highlight the main ideas. Prepare to discuss. (5)
  7. Complete the Chapter 13 Review of Geologic Time on p384-385. You must complete all 25 questions with complete sentences. (10)

Plate Tectonics Red Book Pages 293-310

  1. **Information Session – Video and notes (5)
  2. Vocab flashcards or draw a creative and colorful picture for each vocab word. (5)
  3. Use metaphors to create a myth that would show how ancient people would explain volcanoes. (10)
  4. Compare and contrast volcano types: strato, dome, shield  (5)
  5. Design a mind map on Plate Tectonics (10)
  6. Plate Tectonic Timeline: Check this out and decide on the 10 most important events in Plate Tectonics history. Creatively display the 10 you chose. (5)
  7. WS: Map Patterns of Earthquake and Volcanoes (10)
  8. Check out the “Rock Talk” booklet and prepare a newscast that explains earthquakes in Colorado. Present on the last day of the unit. (5)
  9. Design a worksheet with a diagram of the ring of fire to labeled and 5 questions about volcanoes. Write answers on the back.(5)
  10. Draw a labeled cross section of a mid-ocean ridge and label the parts. Indicate the motion of the components (5)
  11. Draw a labeled cross section of a subduction zone and label the parts. Indicate the motion of the components (5)
  12. Review the model of the rock cycle in the reading.  Design a children’s that explains what can happen to a sedimentary rock as it changes throughout the rock cycle. (10) 
    United Streaming

Rocks and Mins - Basics of Geology: All About Rocks and Minerals (23:19)

Plate Tectonics – Continents Adrift: An Introduction to Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics (26:05)

Fossils – Fossils: Windows Into the Past (20:00)

Geologic Time- Earth Science: History of the Earth (20:00)

Sub movies - Discover Magazine: Living Fossils (49:23) 

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