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ICP   Name: __________________________________

Chapter 12 – FORCES UNIT 
Mark Sailer
Science Teacher
Pioneer Jr-Sr High


Class Plan


Tuesday – October 4, 2005


    Notes – Newton’s First Law of Motion 

Wednesday – October 5, 2005

    Motion Unit Portfolio Due

    Motion Unit Test

  Inquiry Lab ??

Thursday – October 6, 2005

    Notes – Newton’s First Law 

Friday – October 7, 2005

    Notes – Newton’s Second Law 

Monday – October 10, 2005

    Notes – Newton’s third Law and Momentum 

Tuesday – October 11, 2005

    Notes – Universal Forces 

Wednesday – October 12, 2005

    B - Layer 

Thursday – October 13, 2005 – INSERVICE DAY

    B – Layer  

Friday – October 14, 2005

      B and A Layer Work 

Monday – October 17, 2005

      A Layer Work 

Tuesday – October 18, 2005 – Early Release Day

      A Layer Work

      All Work Needs to be completed at the end of class.

      No C Layer Work Checked after this date.

      B and A Layer Written work may be turned in on October 24. 

Portfolio Due – October 25

Unit Test – October 25 

C Layer Work (65 Points Maximum) 

1.  Ch 12 Pretest (3 points)         _____

2.  Inquiry Activity p. 354 (3 points)       _____

3.  Vocabulary Cards for all the terms in chapter 12 (10 points)     _____

4.  Notes (5 points each day)        _____

5.  Quick Lab – p. 360 (3 points) Oral Defense (O. D.)     _____

6.  Read Section 12.1 and be prepared to answer 12.1 Assessment p. 362 (O. D.) (5 points) _____

7.  Read Section 12.1 and be prepared to answer 12.2 Assessment p. 369 (O. D.) (5 points) _____

8.  Read Section 12.1 and be prepared to answer 12.3 Assessment p. 377 (O. D.) (5 points) _____

9.  Read Section 12.1 and be prepared to answer 12.4 Assessment p. 382 (O. D.) (5 points) _____

10.  Quick Lab – p. 365 (O. D.) (3 points)       _____

11.  Math Practice – Newton’s Second Law p. 367 (O. D.) (4 points)    _____

12.  Concepts in Action p. 370-371 – Read and complete going further (O. D.) (20 points)  _____

13.  Writing in Science p. 375 (O. D.) (5 points)      _____

14.  Data Analysis – Momentum p. 377 (O. D.) (3 points)     _____

15.  Investigating a balloon Jet p. 383 (10 points)      _____

16.  Lab 2 – Velocity and Momentum (10 points)      _____

17.  Applying Newton’s First Law – Laboratory Investigation (10 points)   _____

18.  Quick Lab – How are action and reaction forces related? (O. D.) (3 points)   _____

19.  Chapter 12 Assessment p. 385-386 # 1-10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33 (10 points) _____ 

20.  Create a poster that demonstrates your knowledge of Newton’s Laws and Forces. (O. D.) (20 points) _____

21.  Worksheets (Choose 3 – 5 points each – 15 points maximum) (O. D.)    _____ 

    A.  Newton’s First Law – Equilibrium Rule   

    B.  Newton’s First Law – Inertia

    C.  Guided Reading Study Worksheet 12.1

    D.  Guided Reading Study Worksheet 12.2

    E.  Guided Reading Study Worksheet 12.3

    F.  Guided Reading Study Worksheet 12.4

    G.  Math Skills 12.2 – Newton’s First and Second Laws of Motion

    H.  Math Skills 12.3 – Newton’s Third Law of Motion and Momentum

    I.  Skill Sheet 3A – Newton’s Second Law

    J.  Skill Sheet 3B – Mass vs. Weight

    K.  Skill Sheet 3C – Momentum

    L.  Skill Sheet 3D – Applying Newton’s Laws of Motion

    M.  F=ma and Football 

B Layer Assignments (Choose ONE – 15 points )

  1. Draw a cartoon that illustrates one of Newton’s Laws in an amusing way.
  2. Design and perform an experiment to determine the force of static and kinetic friction acting on a box on the lab table or floor.  Share your experiment by writing a lab report, making a poster or presenting your experiment to the class.
  3. How does the angle of a garden hose affect the range of the water stream?  Share your experiment by writing a lab report, making a poster or presenting your experiment to the class.

A Layer Assignments (Choose One – 20 Points)

  1. Are the methods used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test a vehicle’s crash worthiness and its likelihood of rolling over effective? – Use A Layer Research Form 
  2. Research about the physiological affects of free fall. Find out how astronauts counter the affects of living in a free fall environment (sometimes called microgravity). What would be the minimum acceleration for a trip to Mars that would minimize physiological problems for the crew during flight and returning to Earth’s surface. – Use an A Layer Research Form.

B and A Layer Combined Assignments (Choose One – 35 points – will meet both B and A layer Assignment Requirements)

  1. Identify, adapt, or invent a sport that people on the moon will find interesting, exciting, and entertaining.  Write a proposal to NASA which includes the following:  a description of your sport and its rules and how it meets the basic requirements for a sport; a comparison of factors affecting sports on Earth and on the moon in general; a comparison of the play of your sport on the Earth and on the moon including any changes to the size of the field, alterations to the equipment, or changes in the rules.
  2. PBS has decided that it wants to televise certain sporting events, and that they would like these programs to have some educational value as well as entertainment value.  As a test of this idea, you are to provide the voice-over on a sports video, and to explain the physics of the action appearing on the screen.  Each student will so a “science commentary” on a short sports video.  You may submit a written script, do a live narration, make a video or record on audio cassette.

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