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Seventh Grade Science  Name: ______________________________________________ Period: ____

Scientific Investigation Unit

Mark Sailer
Science Teacher
Pioneer Jr-Sr High

What is to be accomplished?

    1. Apply scientific methods to problem solving.
    2. Demonstrate how to measure using scientific units.

State Standards Addressed

    7.1.1 Recognize and explain that when similar investigations give different results, the scientific challenge is to judge whether the differences are trivial or significant, which often takes further studies to decide.
    7.1.2 Explain that what people expect to observe often affects what they actually do observe and provide an example of a solution to this problem.
    7.1.3 Explain why it is important in science to keep honest, clear, and accurate records.
    7.1.4 Describe that different explanations can be given for the same evidence, and it is not always possible to tell which one is correct without further inquiry.
    7.2.3 Decide what degree of precision is adequate, based on the degree of precision of the original data, and round off the result of calculator operations to significant figures* that reasonably reflect those of the inputs.
    7.2.6 Read analog and digital meters on instruments used to make direct measurements of length, volume, weight, elapsed time, rates, or temperatures, and choose appropriate units.
    7.2.7 Incorporate circle charts, bar and line graphs, diagrams, scatter plots*, and symbols into writing, such as lab or research reports, to serve as evidence for claims and/or conclusions.
    7.5.3 Demonstrate how the scale chosen for a graph or drawing determines its interpretation.

C Layer  Activities (65 points Max)

Thursday September 1, 2005

    1.  Science Questions (Science Boxes) (5 Points)     _____

    2.  Writing Hypotheses (10 Points)       _____

Friday   September 2, 2005

        Toughest Towel - Planning

Tuesday September 6, 2005

        Toughest Towel Testing

Wednesday September 7, 2005

    Toughest Towel  - Conclusions of Investigation and how to improve investigation

    3.  Toughest Towel (Total 35 Points)      _____

Thursday September 8, 2005

    4.  Operational Definitions (5 Points)      _____

    5.  Variables and Controls (5 points)      _____

    6.  Lab Reports/Write-ups (5 points)      _____

Friday September 9, 2005

        B Layer Work

Monday September 12, 2005

        B Layer Work

Tuesday September 13, 2005

        B Layer Work - Turn in when Complete

        A Layer Work

Wednesday September 14, 2005

        A Layer Work - Turn in when Complete

Unit Packet Due Friday September 16


Quiz over first two units Friday September 16

Additional C Layer Work

    1.  Daily Log Summary Sign up for a day, turn in two copies the next day. (5 points)  _____

    2.  Read pages 6-13 and be prepared to discuss the section review questions. (10 points)  _____

    3.  Chapter Review Questions p. 32-33 #1, 2, 7, 10, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28 Oral Defense (10 points) _____

B Layer Activities (Choose One - 15 points Max)

    1.  What is the toughest Towel?

    2.  Investigate one of the other variables of discussed in class.

    3.  Investigate another property of the paper towels.

              (If you work with a partner, be sure each of you has a separate report to turn in OR a quality Joint Report)

A Layer Activities (Choose one 20 points Max)

    1.  Should the United States use only the Metric System?  Why or Why not?

    2.  Select another question.  Get approval before starting. 

          C layer Points earned (max 65) _____  

          B Layer Points earned (max 15)  _____ 

          A Layer Points earned (20 max)  _____ 

                                        Total for unit __________ 

Grades   40-55 D  56-70  C  71-85 B  86+ A 

Keep track of your points by circling the activity and writing your points received.

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