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Pat Daniels & Kim Salamone, Tempe, AZ

Name______________________ Period_____________________ Due Date__________________

A: 86-100 B: 71-85 C: 60-70 D: 50-59

(2 verbal defenses/day ONLY)

Section 1 "C" Level
Maximum 65 points, 60 to move to Section 2

1. Bellwork (20 for unit 1) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2. Listen to lecture, write facts (5pts/day) 1 2 3

3. Watch video on planets & write 15 facts OR draw 4 pictures OR WL chart 4 parts in each (10pts)

4. Read entire chapter p.64-87 & answer questions p. 69 #1-3, p.79 #1-3, p. 82 #1-3. P.87 #1-3 (10pts)

5. Learn the vocabulary :terms to learn" & choose 10 from chapter 2, make flashcards/crossword, etc. (10pts)

6. Use the "The Planets of out Solar System" sheet to complete "How many Moons?" and "Can you Planet?" 15pts)

7. Complete the worksheet "The planets of our Solar System" (5pts)

8.Draw a simple drawing of how the moon formed with labels and then include the phases of the moon using p. 77 for help. Be sure
to use some color (10pts)

9. Complete :Lunar and Solar Eclipses" sheet (5pts)

10.Draw a poster of a lunar and solar eclipse. Use color and include labels (10pts)

11.Make a chart of information of each of the planets moons. Include 2 facts about each of their moons (10pts)

12. Watch the Small Bodies, Big Impact video & write a KEWL chart with 4 in each section OR write a 2 paragraph summary
OR draw 3 drawing OR 12-15 facts (10pts)

13. Draw a picture of an asteroid, comet and meteoroid with labels to show the difference (5pts)

14. Design a bulletin board with facts about the planets. Use color (10pts)

15. Create a travel poster to advertise going to a specific planet. Information to include: distance from Earth, climate, surface features
and interesting facts about the planet

____________Total point for section 1-C level

Section 2 "B" level

Choose one. Each is worth 15 points. You may work with a partner.

1. Design a space colony. Draw a rough sketch and include water, electricity, air and food. Use the rubric to receive maximum points

2. Design a tool to be used in space. Consider no gravity and how to use it

3. Plan a trip to another planet. What would you bring, how long would you be gone, where would you go and why. Use drawings and

written descriptions and check with the rubric.

Section 3 "A" level

Choose one. Each is worth 15 points.

1. Read "Is Pluto really a Planet" p.94 and write 2-3 paragraph opinion on the topic. Be sure to support your opinion with facts as to why or why not.

2. Write a 2-3 paragraph opinion paper on traveling to other planets. Do you think we should do this? Think about cost, time and oxygen.

3. Interview 2-3 adults regarding the subject of using satellites as devices for spying. Why or why not. Record their opinion and reasons and
be prepared to turn that in with your 2-3 paragraph opinion paper. Or you may explain your results and your opinion to me orally.

Write 3 paragraphs on the topic of space junk. Use the Internet and/or library to research this topic. Look for answers to what should we do
about it; how can we deal with it; what will eventually happen if we ignore this subject and how much junk is there really?

_____________Total points for Section 3 "A" level _____________Total points for the unit

Parent/Guardian signature (5pts)

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