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Pauline Benton

Canton, Georgia

Power – Work and Energy

Name __________________________________________ Class Period ______

Due Date __________________                                            Grade ___________


15.1 Calculates the work done by simple machines and compares the force or direction of force applied.

12.1 Describes some sources and uses of energy such as chemical, thermonuclear, photoelectric, and electromagnetic, etc.
12.2 Describes the law of conservation of energy.
12.3 Compares the effectiveness of various methods of energy conversion.
12.4 Identifies and analyzes the nature of heat transfer in the learner’s environment and describes and classifies heat transfer as conduction, convection and radiation.
12.5 Experimentally compares the relative role of conductors and insulators in heat conductivity.




Notes (3 pts) _________ __________ __________ __________ ___________



___________1. Define the vocabulary on pg 82. Quiz Credit 10/5. (10) ****


___________ 2. Complete Vocab Review and Concept Review on pg 95-96. (10)



____________ 3. http://www.physicsclassroom.com/mmedia/energy/energyTOC.html From this website click on each statement on the left side of the screen. This will lead you to information on that topic. Write 5 facts on each section and complete the questions at the end of each section. Also include any equations which are given. (15)


_____________ 4. Forceful Lessons Worksheet (5)


_____________ 5. What is Work Review Sheet (15)


_____________ 6. Design a Power Point Presentation on at least 4 forms of alternative energy. Describe how they are used, discuss efficiency, and include graphics. You must have at least 15 slides + Cover Slide & Bibliography slide. (15)


______________7. Watch one of the videos on the computer. Complete the pre-test prior to watching the video then answer the post test after the video. (10)







______________1. Complete the problems on pg 96. (15)


______________2. Power/Energy/Efficiency Problems Worksheet. SHOW WORK(15)


______________ 3. Complete WORK and POWER Worksheet. SHOW WORK (15)


______________4. Find pictures in magazines that illustrate energy transformations. Using poster board, paste the pictures on it (with colored paper behind your pictures to make them super-awesome to look at and your very best effort) and directly below each picture, provide a written (no spelling errors, cross-outs, or white out) or typewritten description identifying the energy transformation in the picture. Your poster must have at least 5 pictures. (10)


______________ 5. Complete the applying knowledge problems on pg 98. (10)


______________ 6. Lab 5.2 ***** (15)


______________7. Skill Sheet 5 C -(10)


______________8. Video – Take notes and answer quiz questions following video. **** (10)


______________9. Build a model home that uses two forms of alternative energy. You must be able to explain how the energy is converted into a usable form. (10)

B Level – Choose one of the following lab questions, design, conduct, and experiment to test the questions. Complete a lab report of your activity. (10)


___________1. What is the best insulating material?


___________ 2. Which alternative energy source will heat an object more quickly?


___________ 3. What type of food wrap will keep food the coldest?


___________ 4. How does the wattage of light bulbs affect heat and light output?



A Level – Choose one of the following activities-(11)


____________1. “Is it Possible to Build a Perpetual Motion Machine” – Research and read 3 articles on perpetual motion. Write a 5-7 sentence summary of each article and a 2 paragraph opinion on the topic. Include appropriate physic terms in your opinion. Include a copy of each article.


____________ 2. Research 3 types of alternative energy forms for automobiles. Write a 2 page typed (double spaced, 12 font) essay on costs, efficiency, practicality, how the energy is converted and used by the car, and how they help the environment. Include a cover page and bibliography.


____________ 3. “What is the government doing to support development of alternative energy sources?” – Research and read 3 articles on the topic. Write a 5-7 sentence summary of each article and a 2 paragraph opinion on the topic. Include a copy of each article.



Friday –           Warm-up

                        Notes on Work

                        Complete Activity #1

Monday –        Warm-up

Notes on Efficiency

Complete one activity from # 2,3,4 – C Box 1

Tuesday -        Quiz – Vocabulary

                        Notes – Energy Transformations

                        Complete one activity from #3, 4 Cbox 1 or #1 Cbox 2

Wednesday -   Video #8

                        Complete one activity from # 1, 2 or 3 from Cbox2

Thursday -      Math Quiz

                        Complete one activity from # 5, 6 Cbox1 or 3, 4 or 5 Cbox2

Friday             Lab 5.2 – Required

                        Complete one activity from #6, 7 Cbox1 or 7 or 9 Cbox 2

Tuesday -        Complete two activities from above or B activity

Wednesday -   Turn in unit sheet with two completed activites – B & A

Thursday -     Study Guide Due



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