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The Thirteen Colonies

John Sanchez, TX


American History


Name:_____________________________________            Due Date:_________________


Chapter: 4-7


Maximum: 100 points


C Layer: Maximum 65 points in this section

1.      Make flash cards to explain the states identified as the original thirteen colonies and who was the founder of that colony. 5pts.

2.      Create a timeline poster on when each of the thirteen colonies were founded. 5 pts.

3.      Create a chart on the population increases across the thirteen colonies from 1625-1775.  5 pts.

4.      Summarize certain selected portions of the Mayflower Compact. 5 pts.

5.      Create a Venn Diagram concerning the differences between the Pilgrims and the Puritans. 5 pts.

6.      Read the section on “New Amsterdam” and answer questions in the end. 5 pts.

7.      Pick a colony and make a poster to try and get settlers to come settle in your colony. Be sure to include the religion of your colony in your advertisement. 5 pts.

8.       List all the southern states of the thirteen colonies and what their “cash crops” were that helped them grow. 5 pts.

9.      Listen to the textbook reading on “The Holy Experiment” and orally answer questions about its success to bring in settlers. 5 pts.

10.  Draw one of the colonies and write in that colony: the founder and the main religion of that colony. 5 pts.

11.  Go to Youtube and watch MrZoller’s presentation of “Thirteen Colonies: the Middle Colonies”. Be able to explain 10 things you learned from it. 10 pts.

12.  Explain why the colonists left England to settle in the new colonies in a one page document. 10 pts.

13.  Work with a partner to discuss the differences between North Carolina and South Carolina and why they were separated into two different colonies. 10 pts.

B Layer: Choose one. Maximum 15 points in this section.

1.      Pick two colony founders and explain their specific process to being granted land within the colonies: William Penn, John Smith, Henry Hudson, Thomas Hooker.

2.      Create your own Mayflower Compact and discuss how you would run your new society.

3.      Explain the “Holy Experiment” and discuss its effects with the Native Americans. Do you think all encounters between Pennsylvanian colonists and Native Americans were peaceful?

4.      Write a letter to your mom back in England that describes how you’re living in the colony of South Carolina. Describe your job, your stature, the government, and rumors that are circling around about Florida.

5.      In which colony do you think religion is most important and which colony is least important? Write a page long explanation discussing why.

A Layer: Choose one. Maximum 20 points in this section.

1.      Form a group of 3-4 students and hold a debate concerning the production of tobacco in the South. One side should take the position on how it is unethical and the opposing side should argue how it is helping fund the new colonies. The class will act as jury and choose which side gave the best argument.

2.      Discuss some of the lasting effects of the thirteen colonies in today’s society using the documents in the text, such as: Mayflower Compact, Frame of Government of Pennsylvania, Act of Toleration, and English Debt Law.

3.      After learning about the thirteen colonies and knowing what happens as the aftermath leading to today’s current society, do you think that we are better off? If yes, explain different movements that helped shaped to what America is today. If no, explain in what areas we are lacking in as a society because of the thirteen colonies. This document should be 2 pages, double-spaced, and 12 font.

4.      Using internet resources and newspaper articles, which religions have sustained in society and which have faltered. Why do you think some religions were able to last as long as they have/had.



A = 100-89      B = 88-79        C = 78-69        D = 68-59



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