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Stephanie R. Henderson
Manzano High School
Albuquerque, NM

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Unit 4B: Earth Structure and Materials 


C Layer: _________________ 

B Layer: _________________                                    

A Layer: _________________ 

Unit Objectives: By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by the term nuclear radiation,
  • Describe in detail the electromagnetic spectrum,
  • Differentiate between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,
  • Understand half-life of isotopes,
  • Differentiate between the processes of fission and fusion, and
  • Understand methods used to determine geologic time and the age of Earth.

Key Terms






  • neutrons

    atomic nucleus

  • atomic number

    mass number

  • isotopes


  • ionizing radiation

    non-ionizing radiation

  • radioactivity

    electromagnetic spectrum

  • electromagnetic radiation

    radioactive decay

  • half-life


  • fusion

    alpha radiation

  • beta radiation

    gamma radiation

  • geologic time

    relative datin


    absolute dating

  • Geiger counter 
  • Grading Scale


    B C D F
    90 – 100 80 – 89 70 – 79 60 – 69 < 60

    C Layer- Part I

    All assignments in this list are REQUIRED.  Complete each row.

    Assignment Description
    Point Value Points Earned Initial
    1. Lecture: Ernest Rutherford and Nuclear Radiation
    2. Mystery Box Activity


    1. Lecture: Atoms & Isotopes
    2. Isotopic Pennies Lab


    1. Lecture: Types of Radiation
    2. Calculating your personal radiation dose
    3. Based on your notes, make a list of 10 uses of radiation (good & bad). 



    1. Lecture: Geologic Time
    2. Relative Dating Worksheet


    1. Activity: Pennium-123
    2. Complete Radiation & Radioactivity Survey


      TOTAL 60    

    C Layer – Part II

    The following assignment choices are optional.  You must complete 19 points worth of these assignments.  These are to be done mostly on your own, as we are limited on class time.

      Assignment Description
      Point Value Points Earned Initial
      Based on the lecture notes, create a 10-question quiz and provide an answer key.  Have someone take your quiz without the key, then correct their answers. 10  
      Take someone else’s 10-question quiz.  Have them correct it.  Each answer is worth ˝ a point. 5 max    
      Use the key terms to create a crossword puzzle.  Exchange with a buddy and correct the puzzle when they are done. 10    
      Complete someone else’s crossword puzzle.  Have them correct it for you. 5    
      Using adding machine paper, create a large-scale electromagnetic spectrum.  Be sure to include color and a scale (similar to what a map would have). 5    
      Complete the Counting Atoms Worksheet. 10    

    B Layer

    Choose ONE of the following to work on outside of class:

    Assignment Description
    Point Value Points Earned Initial
    Complete the TOPES writing assignment.  Pick up a copy of the guidelines. 10    
    Write a song/rap that includes 10 (or more) facts from this unit. Perform your song/rap for three peers and the teacher.  Your song must have a rhythm, words & music that go together, auditory appeal and NO PROFANITY!  
    Create a 6-panel informational brochure about what you’ve learned about radiation.  Include the following:
      • What is radiation?
      • What are some different types of radiation?
      • What are some uses of radiation in our world?
      • Which ones are harmful?
      • 3 graphics (drawings, charts, diagrams, etc.)
      • How do atoms and isotopes fit into the definition of radiation?
      • How is radiation useful in helping to determine the age of Earth?

    A Layer

    Using your research from the previous checklist, prepare a TYPED 350-word summary of your position.  Follow standard grammar rules and please have someone proofread your work!  Research must be submitted with your position statement.

      Point Value Points Earned Stamp
        Should New Mexico have agreed to host the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)? 11    
        Our lives are filled with objects that are made up of natural resources.  Should we worry about using up our supply of natural resources? 11    
        Scientists say that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old.  This is a point of controversy between scientists and some religious groups.  Is the evidence that supports the age of the Earth valid?  
        There is a current debate about building a uranium enrichment facility in Eunice, NM.  Supporters say that it will provide economic advantages.  Opponents are concerned about the lack of a disposal plan for radioactive waste.  Should this facility be built in NM?  

    11/28/05 11/29/05 11/30/05 12/01/05 12/02/05
    • Lecture: Rutherford & Nuclear Radiation
    • Mystery Box Activity (due at end of period)
    • Start working on C Layer Part II
    • Lecture: Atoms & Isotopes
    • Isotopic Pennies Activity (due at end of period)
    • Continue work on C Layer Part II
    • Lecture: Radiation
    • Calculate personal radiation dose (due at end of period.
    • Make a list of 10 uses of radiation (good & bad).  (Due at end of period)
    • Lecture: Geologic Time
    • Relative Dating Worksheet (due at end of period)
    • Continue work on C Layer Part II.
    • Activity: Pennium-123
    • Complete Radiation & Radioactivity Survey (due by beginning of class Monday)
    • Work from C Layer Part II is due by the end of the period.
    12/05/05 12/06/05 12/07/05 12/08/05 12/09/05
    • Work on B Layer
    • HW: A Layer
    • B  & A Layers due
    • Study Questions
    • Poster Project DUE
    • Test 4B
    • Start Final Review
    • Poster Evaluations
    • Final Exam Review
    • Poster Evaluations
    • Final Exam Review
    • Poster Evaluations

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