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Michele Igleheart

Saudi Aramco American Schools Spanish Teacher

Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia

El Alfabeto(The Alphabet) En Español Me Llamo___________________________. Unit Sheet Hora ____ Para (due)________________ Section I "C Level" Maximum 65 points

1. ___ Listen to the "Alfabeto" lecture. Take notes-first day only (5 puntos) 2. ___ Make flashcards on the "Alfabeto" in Español (10 puntos) 3. ___ Say flashcards on "Alfabeto" in Español (5 puntos) 4. ___ Make a short "Alfabeto"worksheet, test or quiz in Español & have 3 students work it. Grade & return to students afterward. (10 puntos)

5. ___ Watch - "Lyric Language" Video. Sing along - Alphabet song. (5 puntos) 6. ___ Work a "Alfabeto" worksheet - student made or publisher made - Sra. Igleheart will provide publisher wks (5 puntos each)

7. ___ Design a "Alfabeto" poster using at least 10 words (10 puntos) 8. ___ Write a comic strip using the "Alfabeto" (10 puntos) 9. ___ Make & play a memory game with "Alfabeto" cards. When you turn the cards over, say the letter en Español (10 puntos)

10. ___ Play "Alfabeto" BINGO. Fill in the cards with randon letters! (5 puntos) 11. ___ Make an "Alfabeto" board game (10 puntos) 12. ___ Listen-"Teach Me Spanish" CD, follow along page 9, Track # 6 (5 puntos) 13. ___ Do the speaking exercises with a friend-"Paso a Paso1a" page 15 (5 puntos) 14. ___ Play the Koosh Ball game with "Alfabeto" for at least 5 minutos, throw and say a the letters in Spanish when you catch (5 puntos)

15. ___ Participate in a jump rope competition - Say the ABC's in Español. Whoever can say the most wins. Play for about 5 minutos (5 puntos)

16. ___ Play the Hangman. Say all letters in Spanish (5 puntos) 17. ___ Sing the "Alfabeto" to a group of 3 students or as a group (5 puntos) 18. ___ Read and take notes from the text book Paso a Paso 1a page 14 (5 puntos) 19. ___ Make a Letter Picture. Draw the letter (big/block) and write 5 words that begin with that letter in Spanish. Illustrate the words. (10 puntos)

Section II "B Level" Choose any two.

1. ___ Find & Read to a group of at least 3 students a children's "Alfabeto" book in Español(10 puntos) *Books can be found in class, Internet, or the libraries

2. ___ Spell your Spanish first name & real last name out loud. I will spell something for you. Write down what I spell. (10 puntos)

3. ___ Write, Memorize & Act out a short skit with a friend using "Alfabeto" in Español, perform for at least 3 other students. (10 puntos)

4. ___ Pronunciation practice. Listen to the CD #7 track #5,10,15,20 and follow along with the handout. (10 puntos)

5. ___ Dictionary - Make a list of words. One for each letter of the Spanish "Alfabeto" . Read a few of the words to a group of 3 students. (10 puntos)

Section III "A Level" Choose only one.

1. ___ Recite the "Alfabeto" in Spanish (15 puntos) 2. ___ Spell the words that I choose using the "Alfabeto" (15 punots)

*** 5 puntos for participation and daily clean up---gracias!

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