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Search for the Shadowman Layered Project
by Amber Carter
7th grade

*** If you lose this form, you will not receive another.  You will have to rely on the classroom copy (which does not go home)! ***

***LEVEL C – For a “C,” you must earn ____ to _____ points.  Extra points will not be given.

 1.  Read the novel.  A Summarization Kit must be turned in for each chapter to receive points.  Points will only be given for the chapters read. (30 points) (Required)

___1    ___2     ___3        ___4         ___5         ___6         ___7         ___8         ___9          ___10          ___11          ___12          ___13          ___14-Ep.     

2.  Turn in Vocabulary Book. (20 points) (Required)
3.  Turn in Study Guide Questions. (20 points) (Required)
4.  Turn in Search for the Shadowman Notes. (9 points) (Required)

All of the “C” Level assignments can be done in class.

***LEVEL B – For a “B,” you must complete level “C” and earn ____ to _____ points:
5.  Develop Character Relationship Webs for 8 character relationships. (3 points)
6.  Construct a Plot Diagram for the novel. (3 points)
7.  Construct a Character Wheel for the following characters: (3 points)
            _____ Andy
            _____ J.J.
            _____ Miz Minna
            _____ Miss Winnie
8.  Organize a T-Chart for 10 Cause and Effect relationships. (3 points)
9.  Organize a T-Chart for 5-8 major symbols on the book. (3 points)
10.  Construct a Time Line of Coley Joe’s actions.  You must include 15-20 events. (3 points)

The highest number of points you can receive form this level is _____.  You may not do more “B” assignments for an “A”.

***LEVEL A – For an “A,” you must complete levels “B” and “C” and earn ____ to _____ points: (Projects must be completed in essay form.  Typed papers are encouraged.  Essays must be at least 1 page in length.)

11.  React to the character’s decision at the end of the novel.  Dispute or justify Andy’s decision.  What would you have recommended the character do? (10 points)
12.  Develop a family tree. (This does not need to be in essay form -- the more creative, the better.  Points will be given based on the extent to which the research was done. (10 points)
13.  Construct a bolo tie and determine the significance of the bolo tie in the book. (10 points)
14.  Develop a journal of the Bonner family.  You must include at least 10 semi-dated entries. (10 points)
15.  Illustrate the Salt Wars and draw at least 5 conclusions about the war and its affects. (10 points)

You must do an “A” project to receive an “A”.

ALL LEVELS ARE DUE ____________________!!!


I understand what is expected of me.  If I have questions, I know to ask Mrs. Carter immediately before I get behind.

My goal is to earn a _____ A         _____ B            _____C

____________________________                __________________________________

Student Signature                                                          Parent Signature (5 points)

Search for the Shadowman Layered Project Evaluation

(To be filled out at the end of the novel)

The “C” activities were…_______________________________________________

The “B” activities were…_______________________________________________

The “A” activities were…_______________________________________________

What I liked best about the Layered Project…




What I think should be changed for the next Layered Project…

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