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Explorers: Exploration of Arizona

Shannon Zundel

Desert Mirage Elementary School, Glendale, Arizona

Section 1 "C" level

A maximum of 70 points can be earned in this section.

1. Turn in a completed Exploration Notebook. The cover needs to be decorated appropriately with all work neatly inside. (5 points)

2. Read three articles from your State Studies Newspapers on the exploration of Arizona and summarize the important points of each article. (5 points for each article) 1 2 3

3. View two videos on available days. In complete sentences, write 15 interesting ideas that you learned from each video. (10 points for each video) 1 2

4. On poster board, create a map of your explorer's route through Arizona. Make sure to include the following landforms and cities (in their correct locations) on the map: Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Humphrey's Peak, Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. (15 points)

5. Write an acrostic poem of your explorer's achievements (see the example for the poem format). (5 points)

6. Listen to music of the time and compare/contrast the selections. Use a Venn Diagram to show your comparison. (10 points)

7. Using the Internet, find the weather conditions for Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Mexico City, Mexico, and Madrid, Spain. Chart the conditions for each city for 5 days and create a 3-D graph of your information. In writing, compare the information, how the conditions impact the environment, and how it could have helped or hurt your explorer throughout the exploration. (15 points)

8. Using the "Explorer Timeline" template in Inspiration, create a timeline of your explorer's life. Your timeline should have 3 pictures that relate to any date within your timeline. Each date must contain 3-4 complete sentences. (10 points)

9. Using the Internet, complete a scavenger hunt on the people who explored Arizona. (10 points)

10. Keep a travel log of your journey through the eyes of your explorer. Your written entries must discuss landforms, plants, animals, and people encountered. Keep your entries very descriptive! (5 points for every 3 entries) Maximum points allowed ­ 15 points.

11. Include all completed class activities in your exploration notebook. (5 points)

Section 2

Level "B"

A maximum of 15 points can be earned in this section. Each activity is worth

15 points.

1. Using small squares of construction paper, create a "mosaic" showing your explorer's major impact on Arizona.

2. Create a computer presentation in PowerPoint using at least 10 slides showing why the Spanish explored Arizona.

3. Present the following information in any format you wish (see Possible Project Ideas poster for help):

What is meant by Spanish colonization?

Why was Arizona colonized?

How did colonization affect the native peoples of Arizona?

How has is affected Arizona and its growth?

Section 3

Level "A"

A maximum of 25 points can be earned in this section. Each activity is worth

25 points.

1. Choose two of the three explorers that we have discussed. Compare and contrast the impact that two of the explorers made on Arizona. Present the following information in the format of your choice. (See Possible Project Ideas poster for help.)

2. Create a computer presentation in PowerPoint using at least 15 slides defending your view of the impact your explorer had on Arizona.

3. Using information gathered from your research, write a persuasive letter to your monarch discussing why or why not to colonize the land and native people of Arizona for the country of Spain. Your letter must be at least five paragraphs in length.

Grading Scale for this project:

110 ­ 86 points = A

85 ­ 71 points = B

70 ­ 60 points = C

59 ­ 50 points = D

49 points and below = F

Possible Project Ideas:

Please use these ideas or create your own!

Four Door Poster

PowerPoint Slide Show

Book, Magazine, Newspaper, or Brochure

Puppet Show or Play


Paper Slide Show

Model with information


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