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Vocabulary Development Grade 3

Danielle Arzola, TX



(5)   Reading/Vocabulary Development. Students understand new vocabulary and use it correctly when reading and writing. Students are expected to:

(A)  identify and use vocabulary words

(D)  use a picture dictionary to find words.

In order to complete this assignment the student will need to obtain 100 points. Each layer will have a total number of points they must obtain before moving to the next level.

Objectives: The student will be able to

        identify and use new vocabulary words 90 percent of the time without teacher assistance

         use a picture dictionary to find words 90 percent of the time and without teacher assistance

Whole Class instruction: Day One: On the first day I will go over the new vocabulary words. I will talk about words and their meanings. I will then have the students come up with words that name actions, directions, and positions. During this lecture I will ask the students what they would do if they came to a word they did not know. We would then discuss what a picture dictionary is and how to use it. I will bring a picture dictionary to the front of the class and have the students watch as I verbalize how I am using the dictionary to find the word.

Once the lecture is complete we will move on to seatwork. I will tell the students they have 3 layers of work to complete. Each layer has different activities they may choose from as long as they complete enough of the assignments to reach the specified amount of points. They can not move on to the next layer until they have completed the amount of points required.

C level- You must obtain 60 points to move on to the next level

1. Rainbow writing: write your vocabulary words using different colors for each letter 5 pts

2. Write your vocabulary words and draw a picture of them. Check your picture against picture dictionary. 10 pts

3. Write a poem using 5 vocabulary words 10 pts

4. Make a collage using pictures of your vocabulary words 5 pts

5. Write a sentence using each vocabulary word. 15 pts

6. Make vocabulary cards with the picture on one side and the definition on the other 15 pts

7. Create a cartoon strip using 5 vocabulary words 10 pts

8. Translate vocabulary words into Spanish using Spanish dictionary provided 10 pts

9. Pick a partner and tell them the names and definitions of your vocabulary words while they draw them 10 pts

10. Spell your vocabulary words using sign language (sign book provided) 10 pts

11. Vocabulary worksheet. 5 pts


Please allow your teacher to check your work before moving to the next layer

B level- You must obtain 20 points to move on to the next level

1. Write a story containing all vocabulary words. 10 pts

2. Create your own picture dictionary using your vocabulary words 10 pts

3. Create a synonym and antonym book for your vocabulary words 10 pts

4. Research articles that have used your vocabulary words in them. Print articles and highlight the sentence containing the word. 20 pts

5.Write a play using your vocabulary term and act it out for the class. 20 pts


A level- You must obtain 20 points to complete this level

1. Construct your own Vocabulary test 20 pts

2. Write a paper using your vocabulary words, telling why it will be important to your future to know these words. 20 pts

3. Create a picture dictionary, with it write a letter explaining to a student next year how you used it, and why you think they will need these words to be successful. 20 pts


100-90 points = A

89-80 points = B

79-70 points = C

69-60 points = D

Less than 60 points = F

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