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History of Astronomy

Gene Van Tassell, Granger HS, Utah



Due Date_______________

Section I "C" Level 79 Points Maximum in this section:

1. Listen and take notes 1 2 3 This is a listening assignment, to get credit you must be quiet and listen (5 points each for 3 days)

2. Draw a time line showing at least 10 important astronomers between 500 BCE and 1700 CE (10 points)

3. Draw the solar system designed by Ptolemy showing in detail his thoughts

(10 points)

4. Find 10 questions about the history of astronomy in a textbook and answer them. (10 points)

5. Flashcards for 10 important scientists and their contribution to astronomy.

(10 points)

6. Write a 200 word essay on Galileo and how he changed the way we look at the universe. (10 points)

7. Watch a Mechanical Universe Video and list 10 things you learned from it.

(15 points)

8. Watch the video "A Challenge of Reason" and list 10 things you learned from it. (15 points)

9. Write a 30 word essay in a language other than English about how Copernicus changed the way we look at the universe. (10 points)

10. Take a quiz on day 4 from your notes. (10 points)

11. Draw a diagram explaining how something in orbit is falling toward the earth.

(10 points)

12. Calculate the gravitational attraction between the moon and the earth. (10 points)

13. Calculate the potential energy of the moon with respect to the earth. (10 points)

14. Neatly draw and color a common path of energy conversion starting from the sun and ending as waste heat.

15. Show two demonstrations of Newton's Laws. (10 points)

16. Create a crossword puzzle with 10 important astronomers and/or their ideas.

(10 points)

B Level (10 points each for a maximum of 20 points total for this section)

1. Write a 100 word summary on how chaos theory was described in the movie Jurassic Park.

2. How fast is the earth moving in mph?

A Level (Choose one only- maximum or 20 points)

Write a 400 word paper &

a) describe how Newton's ideas are prevalent in our world today.

b) Describe how would life be different if we still used Greek science today.

c) Give an example of paradigm change between your time and our parents time.

Has this change been good or bad? Take a stand and state whether the issue/problem is better or worse.


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