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Bacteria and their viruses

Kathie F. Nunley, Granger High School


100 points possible NAME______________________________________

Period ________ due date_____________

UNIT 4 Bacteria and their viruses.

Section I. Basic understanding (65 POINTS MAX)

Listen and take lecture notes 5 pts/day 1 2 3 4 5

1. Quietly watch the video. Take notes. 15 pts.

2. Make 2 color drawings on blank paper. One showing a lytic virus, one showing a

lysogenic virus. Be able to explain them. 10 points

3. Make a "cootie catcher" to teach bacteria shapes and arrangements.5 points

4. Read the chapter on Bacteria in the HOLT textbook. Take the quiz.day3 or 4. 15 pts.

5. .Using plain paper, write and illustrate a children's book on Bacteria: growth,

reproduction, antibiotics, prevention. Add a cover. 10 pts.

6. Pass a quiz on bacteria shapes and arrangments. day 2,3,or 4. 10 pts.

7. Research Louis Pasteur. Write a one page report. Present the information and the

report on a poster board. Illustrate. Use and list 2 sources. 15pts.

8. Make flashcards using terms on board - using your own words. 10 pts.

9. Read the magazine article______________________Summarize 10 pts.

10. Write 2 paragraphs. One on ways our bodies fight bacteria, one on ways it fights


11. Make a booklet of Internet sites dedicated to bacteria. Include cover page, table of

contents and home page of at least 10 sites. (no matching booklets) 15 pts.

12. Find a newspaper article on a virus. Cut out, read and summarize. 10 pts.

13. Interview someone who works in a medical lab on sterilization techniques. 10 pts.

14. List and explain (1 - 2pages) 10 things your body does to fight viral infection. 10 pts


Section II. 15 points each. Choose one. Note: All these labs require streaking a plate

of agar with bacteria. You must watch and listen to the demonstration to do the


1. Grow a collection of bacteria from at least 5 places on your body. Describe your

collection of colonies and compare them to your classmates?

2. Does handwashing reduce the bacteria on your hands? Prove it..

3. Find a place in the school "germier" than our doorknob.


Section III A level - Use A level report form 20 points each. Choose one

1. What is the current treatment for AIDS? use only THIS year information.

2. What should you really do when you have a cold?

3. What is the "down-side" to antibiotics in our society?

Grading scale: 86+ = A 71+ =B 56+ = C 40+ = D

___________________________ ___________________

parent signature and phone # worth 5 points extra credit in any section


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