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Bacteria (Kingdom Monera)

Kathie Nunley, Granger HS, Utah


DUE DATE _______________________

TOTAL POINTS____________________

C Layer Section I- Basic Understanding (65 points max)

1. Watch the laser disk on bacteria. Take notes. Include information on bacteria shape, arrangement, and ways to prevent bacteria growth. (15 points)

2. Write 2 paragraphs. One on ways bacteria is helpful to humans and one on ways bacteria is harmful to humans. This MUST be done in a language other than English. (10 points)

3. Using materials of your choice, make a 3-D model of a prokaryotic cell. (10 points)

4. Make 15 vocabulary flashcards using the vocabulary terms from this unit. Be able to define the terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS. (10 points)

5. Read chapter 20 in HBJ. Be able to answer all the Reviewing the Section questions. (15 points)

6. Using construction paper and plain paper, make a 10 page children's book on 10 ways to prevent bacterial infections. Illustrate your book. (15 points)

7. Answer question 15-20 on page 312 of the HBJ book. (10 points)

8. Pass a quiz on the shapes and arrangements of bacteria. (10 points)

9. Research 3 types of bacterial infection: botulism, tetnus, and strep throat. Write a small, 1/2 page report on each. List your sources of information. (15 points)

10. Take notes from daily presentations. (5 pts/day. MUST BE PRESENT)

1 2 3 4 5

B Layer Section II - Labs (15 points each) Choose one.

These must be done in class!

1. Using a plate with agar, swab and streak 5 sources of bacteria around the school. Describe your growth and compare them.

2. Using a plate with agar, make a finger print on the agar before and after washing your hands.

3. Using a plate with agar, grow some Staphylococcus epidermititis. Sketch the colonies.

A Layer Section I - (20 points) Choose one.

1. Does hand washing really help prevent the spread of germs?

2. Is there a flesh eating bacteria? If so, what is it?

3. What caused the E.coli deaths from Jack-in-the-Box a few years ago?

Grading Scale: 86+ = A 71-85=B 56-70=C 40-55=D

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