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Kathie F. Nunley, Granger High School

Intro to Life Science, biochemistry, cells, structures Period________ Due Date_______

Section I "C" level Maximum 65 points.

1. Listen to the lecture and take notes each day. 1 2 3 4 5

2. Flashcards on vocabulary terms.

3. Build a 3-D cell with a baggie. Include 12 organelles

4. Read a chapter on cells and answer 6 book questions.

5. Make a 3-D poster of two types of cells.

6. Read an article on nutrition. Give an oral summary.

7. Work the computer program on cells.


Section II "B" level Labs Choose only one

1. Can you get a seed to sprout using only water? How long will the plant live?

2. How do heart rates vary among animals?? Use 3 different animals.

3. What happens to a leaf if covered in foil for 2 days? 5 days?


Section III "A" level. Choose only one. Use and "A- level sheet"

1. Exercise, Good or Bad?

2. Athletic shoes, Good or Bad?

3. Vitamin supplements, Good or Bad?

4. Dieting, Good or Bad?

Grades: 40-55 = D 56- 70 = C 71- 85 = B 86+ = A


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