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Biomes & Ecosystems

Kathie F. Nunley, Granger High School


Unit 15: Biomes & Ecosystems Name________________________________

100 points maximum Due Date________________ Period_______


1. LISTEN and take lecture notes: 1 2 3 (5 pts/day)

2. Watch the video on Deserts and take notes. 15 pts.

3. Watch the video on Rainforests and take notes. 15 pts.

4. Choose a country of ancestry or interest_________________.

  •   A. Write a 1-2 page report on the flora & fauna of that country. Include weather, climate and discuss how that influences the flora and fauna. 10 pts.

  •   B. Describe the culture of the people in that county in a 1-2 page report. Explain how their dress, food, customs are influenced by the animals and plants and climate. 10pts

  •   C. Make and bring (day 5) a native food from that country to share. Explain how that food comes from native plants/animals in the region. 10 pts

  •   D. Give a 5 - 10 minute class presentation on any of the above. Use visuals. 10 pts.

5. Do up to 3 worksheets. 5 pts each.

6. Read Chap _____ in Modern Biology. Be able to answer the end of chapter questions. 15pts

7. Read Chap _____ in Modern Biology. Be able to answer the end of chapter questions. 15pts 8. Draw a world map on plain paper. Color code all the Biomes. Be able to explain it. 10 pts.

9. List 20 animals found in the Wasatch Mountains. Include at least 3 fish, 3 birds, 3 mammals. Identify each as a primary consumer, secondary consumer or tertiary consumer. List what they eat. 10 pts.

10. Draw a food chain or food web for the Wasatch Mountains or other significant region of the state. Include at least 15 animals. 10 pts.


Section II. B level 15 pts. Choose ONE only

1. Out of your own container, build a terrarium. Include at least one animal and 2 plants. It must be self sufficient. Explain 2 cycles that occur in your mini-ecosystem.

2. Out of your own container, build a self-contained aquarium. Include at least one animal and one plant. It must be self sufficient. Explain 2 cycles that occur.


Section II A level 20 pts. Use "A level assignment sheet".

1. What happened to the Biodome projects in Arizona? Was it a good idea?

2. What is acid rain? What region(s) of the US is it effecting? What effect is it having on the flora and fauna?

3. What is the water situation in Utah? Will we all have to go to "desert" landscape for our homes? If so, when?

Grading: 86+ A 71+ B 56+ C 40+ D


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