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Paula King,

Frontier Regional, Massachusetts

*Required Activity

#1 OR #2. ______________________________

All 5 days: listen to lecture and take notes. 5pts/day

Days: 1 2 3 4 5

Day 1: Origins of Buddhism

*1. Read Chapter Four, Section Three: The Beginnings of Buddhism; answer questions 1 - 5 in the Section

Review. 5 pts.

*2. Read Chapter Four, Section Three: The Beginnings of Buddhism; complete Guided Reading and Review and

than take Section Quiz on Day 2. 5 pts.

3. Buddhism Terms: Use a text or a dictionary to write definitions for each word. 10pts.

4. Draw, color, and label a map of The Spread of Buddhism. 5 pts.

Day 2: Siddhartha Gautama: The Buddha

*1. Read The Story of Buddha's Enlightenment and Answer the Comprehension questions. 5 pts.

*2. Read The Story of Buddha's Enlightenment and Answer the Critical Thinking questions. 5 pts.

3. Read and Draw: The Four Sights: Old Age, Sickness, Death, A Monk and then color a picture for each sight.10pts.

4. Writing Activity: Create a journal entry from the perspective of Siddhartha. 10 pts.

Day 3: Beliefs and Practices

*1. Read: Buddha's Teachings and complete Personal Response sheet. 10 pts.

*2. View website: Take notes on Buddha's teachings about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. 10 pts.

3. Read Play: Buddha and the Five Visitors. 5 pts.

4. Learn about Meditation and create your own Mandala. 10 pts.

5. Read and translate Buddhist Scriptures. 10 pts.

Day 4: Project Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Create a one-act puppet show with others about Buddha's life and teachings and perform it for the class.

2. Study about the Image of the Buddha and then create your own 3D image of Buddha; include an index card size

description of what you learned about the images of Buddha.

3. Write a one-act play about Buddha's life and teachings; have the class read it aloud.

4. Conduct an interview with Siddhartha Gautama about his life as a prince, his enlightenment, and his teachings as

The Buddha. Write up the interview as a magazine article or perform the interview for the class.

Day 5: Two Paragraph Essay Choose only one. 20 pts.

1. Why might the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path be at odds with the current American consumer


2. Try meditating for a minimum of ten minutes a day throughout this unit. Write an essay on your experiences

and address how your idea of meditation has changed.

3. One of the Four Noble Truths states that desires cause suffering. Explain this truth using an experience you

have had of wanting something and then acquiring it. Did the desire go away, or did you then desire

something else?


* Use a highlighter to indicate which items you have chosen to do on each given day.

* In order to earn an "A" you should aim to complete approximately 20 points of work per day.

* You must choose activities from those listed on the days offered.

* A maximum of 65 points can be earned from the activities listed on Days 1 - 3.

* Be prepared to orally defend and hand in work done on the previous day!

* You must attempt to earn 60 points from activities listed on Days 1 - 3 before moving on to a Day 4 or Day 5 activity.

* Day 4 & Day 5 items should look like finished pieces. Be proud of your work! Refer to Day 5 grading sheet.

* All computer activities require you to use the program for a minimum of 30 minutes and to take notes while on the site.

* Get a teacher signature next to each highlighted item, to show that you received the points.

* At the end, hand in this sheet, along with all the work you accomplished during this unit.

86+ = A 71+ = B 56+ = C 40+ = D

___________________________ ___________________

Parent/guardian signature Due date for all work

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