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Cell Functions

M. Harris, Mt. Bachelor Academy, Oregon


DUE DATE _______________________

TOTAL POINTS____________________

Instructions: Remember if the quality of your assignments is low, you will not receive full credit for the assignments and will need to complete more assignments (do your best)

C Layer

40 points are required from section 1 * required assignment

1. List 7 ways in which living things use energy (5)

2. Make a word search using the terms glycolysis, glucose, PGAL, molecule, NAD. NADH, fermentation, lactic acid, and pyruvic acid. (5)

3. Make a list of 12 important respiration words from section 4-3, pages 81-85 (5)

4. Make 12 new words out of the letters in the words photosynthesis and chlorophyll (5)

5. List 12 sports where the participants must expend a great deal of energy. (5)

6. Define terms: glucolysis, lactic acid, fermentation, alcoholic fermentation, pyruvic acid. (5)

7. Outline the steps of photosynthesis, must be at least 15 lines long. (5)

8. Explain the rules of your favorite sport. (5)

9. *Apply your knowledge of fermentation by doing the mini-lab from page 80, "Temperature and Fermentation." Follow the procedures exactly and answer the questions on paper. See me for details. (10)

10. * Apply your knowledge of photosynthesis by doing the mini-lab, "Breaking out of Prism", page 88. Follow procedures exactly and answer questions on paper. See me for details. (10)

11. Research the topic photosynthesis in an encyclopedia. Write a one page summary. (10)

B Layer

40 points are required from section 2. *Required assignment

1. Explain how energy is stored and then released in ATP. (5)

2. Explain the process of respiration in your own words. Must be at least 15 lines. (10)

3. Use found objects to make a model of an ATP molecule. (10)

4. *Apply your knowledge of respiration in your own words. Must be at least15 lines. (10)

5. Survey the class for their three favorite sports. Use a bar, line pie, or other graph to display your results. (10)

6. Make a table to compare and contrast AMP, ADP, and ATP. (5)

7. Write an outline showing the steps of glycolysis, or fermentation. Must be 12 lines long. (5)

8. Divide the Kreb's cycle into simple parts, and list in correct order. (5)

9. Draw a picture of a sport where energy is being expended. (5)

A Layer

20 points are required from this section for an A

1. Compose a poem or song that explains how ATP works. (5)

2. Construct a model of the Kreb's cycle using found objects. (10)

3. Explain which is the most important to a cell: AMP, ADP, or ATP. 12 lines minimum. (10)

4. Defend the statement, "life would be easier if humans produced their energy by photosynthesis." 100 word minimum essay. (10)

5. Be real nice! (5)

Extra credit can be earned by completing more than the required points

Points: A=90+ B=75+ C=60+ D=59-

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