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9th Grade Math

David Weiss, Ontario Canada


- solve multi-step problems involving applications of percent, ratio, and rate as they arise throughout the course;

- use a scientific calculator effectively for applications that arise throughout the course;

- judge the reasonableness of answers to problems by considering likely results within the situation described in the problem;

- judge the reasonableness of answers produced by a calculator, a computer, or pencil and paper, using mental mathematics and estimation.

Section Title Homework
2.1 Ratios pp. 54-55 #4-13
2.3 Equivalent Ratios and Proportions p. 63 #19-37 (odd)
2.4 Rates and Unit Pricing pp. 67-69 #21-45 (odd)
2.6 Percent p. 73 #17-41 (all)
2.7 Ratios, Fractions and Decimals as Percents pp. 77-78 #27-69 (odd), #73, 74, 76
2.8 Using Percents pp. 82-84 #1, 10, 15, 20, 26, 30, 36, 42, 43, 51, 54, 59, 63
2.10 Modelling Math - The Environment pp. 90-91 Sections I and II
Review pp. 92-3

Name: _________________________________


Level What How Many Points My Score
C Maximum # points: 65 Listen to the lecture and take notes 5 /day
Read 2.1 and 2.3 and do assigned questions 15
Read 2.4 and 2.6 and do assigned questions 15
Read 2.7 and 2.8 and do assigned questions 15
Find five articles from newspapers/magazines-not Internet-using ratio, rate, or percent (at least one of each type). Read them and bring for questions. 5
Comparison Shopping: choose five different brands of a product; calculate a unit price for each product; decide which one is the best buy; bring labels, calculations, and other info 5
Stock Market: follow a stock (either in paper or on Internet) for a week; calculate the percentage change in its price every day; bring printouts of stock quotes and calculations 5
Journalling (Choose one of three topics from website) 5
20 Flash Cards 10
Mind Map 10
Sample Quiz 10
Study Notes 10
B CHOOSE ONE Read 2.2 and do questions 15
Read 2.5 and do questions
Read "Career Connection" p. 85 and do questions
Read 2.10 and do questions
Website Review
500-word research essay on the golden ratio
A CHOOSE ONE Read "Exploring Math" p. 93, download copies of number grid from website, and do questions 20
Do Challenge Problem Sheets (download from website)
Golden Ratio Worksheet

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