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Johanna Vienneau

(Kenneth A. Brett School)

Tamworth, New Hampshire.

This earthquake unit is designed for 8th grade.


Earthquake Unit Name: ________________ due date: _________


Section I 'C' level Maximum 75 points


1. Listen to the lecture and take notes each day. (5 pts/day) 1 2 3 4 5

2. Flashcards on vocabulary terms. 10 pts.

3. Watch the 'Earth, the Environment & Beyond' video on earthquakes. Take notes and give me an oral summary. 15 pts.

4. Watch the Bill Nye video on earthquakes. 10 pts. for watching

quietly 5 pts. for making one of the demonstrated devices.

5. Build a working, two dimensional model of a strike-slip, thrust,

or normal fault. 15 pts.

6. Read the chapter on earthquakes in the Earth Science book. Do

the chapter review. 15 pts.

7. Do P and S wave worksheet. 5 pts.

8. Work the virtual earthquake site on the Internet. www.**** (It

may be bookmarked on the library computers.) Do the accompanying

worksheet. 15 pts.

9. Make a six sided paper cube. Draw and label a result of earthquakes on each side. 10 pts.

10. With 2 to 4 other students, do the Wattsville/Mercalli Scale activity. Each student will complete the isoseismal map. 10 pts.

11. Working with a partner, research an actual devastating earthquake. Make a videotaped interview with one person acting as the reporter and the other as the survivor. The interview must include at least 8 facts about the earthquake (make these obvious

to the viewer). You may add fictitious minor details. Include a bibliography of your sources as ³credits² at the end of the tape. 20 pts. each student.

12. Find two newspaper articles from the Northridge, California earthquake of January 17, 1994 or the Kobe, Japan earthquake of January 17, 1995. Copy and paste them on paper. Highlight important features. 15 pts.

13. Do '10 Quakes That Shook the World' worksheet. 5 pts.

14. Do 'In A Shake' worksheet. 5 pts.

15. Think of a question about earthquakes to ask a geologist. Send your question through the internet to ASK-A-Geologist@usgs.gov. Print out the reply. 10 pts.

16. Watch the Nova video on earthquakes. List 15 things you learned from this video. 15 pts.


Section II 'B' level Choose only one. 10 pts

1. How does a building¹s design effect its ability to withstand an earthquake? Use playing cards or sugar cubes to answer this question.

2. How sensitive are people to vibrations?

3. Create a radio call-in show that will pinpoint the epicenter of an earthquake in Tamworth. (See the format of the Wattsville/Mercalli Scale activity.) Hand in: 1. A map of Tamworth with small white rectangles in which to write the numbers of the Mercalli Scale. 2. A key to this map, with numbers and isoseismic rings drawn in.

3. A script of callers, minimum 10. This must be typed or extremely neatly written in dark ink, suitable to photocopy.

4. A second copy of this script with the Mercalli Scale number next to the description. Mrs. Vienneau will make a copy with 24 hours notice. Perform the radio show with other students in the class.


Section III 'A' level Choose only one. Use an 'A-level sheet.

15 pts

1. Which is better, the Richter Scale or the Mercalli Scale?

2. Should public buildings be allowed to be built on fault lines?

3. Should insurance companies be required to insure houses built in

earthquake zones?

4. How should people in a city (citizens as well as officials such as

mayors, police, fire departments, etc.) prepare for an earthquake?


Grades: 65 - 69 = D 70 - 79 = C 80 - 89 = B 90+ = A

_____________________________ ___________________

parent/guardian signature contact phone#

(signature & phone worth 5 points in C level) 

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